Tasty Turkey Place Cards

Tasty Turkey Place Cards

In addition to traditional touches of Indian corn, pumpkins, gourds, and dried leaves, brighten up your Thanksgiving table this year with these personalized and edible turkey place cards:

Required Items:
Round snack crackers
Chocolate chips
Chocolate covered cherries
Candy corn
Chocolate and white frosting
Red gel
White construction paper
Thanksgiving stickers (optional)

Step 1
Begin making your turkey place cards by frosting the cracker (flat side up) with a thick coat of white frosting. (The frosting needs to be firm, but sticky). Place one chocolate covered cherry off center on the frosted cracker to form the body of your turkey. Next, take six or seven pieces of candy corn to make the tail and place them on the cracker by fanning them around the chocolate covered cherry with the pointed end touching the cherry. Let the candy corn and cherry harden on the cracker about 3-4 hours before starting the next step.

Step 2
Using the chocolate frosting, take the partially assembled turkey and frost two spots evenly spaced on the side and toward the front of the chocolate covered cherry for the feet and one spot on the top of the chocolate covered cherry for the head. Place chocolate chips on the frosted spots with the tips of the chips outward. (Your turkey should balance on the chocolate chip feet and the edge of the cracker tail). Then, place a small amount of red gel for a turkey gobbler on the tip of the chocolate chip that is now the head of the turkey. Let this completely assembled piece dry and harden.

Step 3
Have your child write the name of each Thanksgiving guest on a different 1" x 3" card. (You'll need two cards for each name). You can add a border on the card or thanksgiving sticker by the side of the name. Glue the two name cards together with one end of a toothpick placed in between. After assembled, stick the card between two of the candy corn pieces on the tail of the turkey. Your edible turkey place card is now complete and ready to sit on your Thanksgiving table!

What other decorations are you planning for your Thanksgiving dinner this year?

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Comments(3 comments)

DAVID C 11/03/2011 12:56:56

Soooo cute! Can\'t wait to make them with the kids!

JOHN & REBECCA B 11/03/2011 13:55:03

Will definitely have to try these for the Thanksgiving holidays. !!! Thanks so much for posting !!!

DONNETTA T 11/04/2011 18:46:29

Absolutely adorable. This will be the talk of our family this year. Definitely cannot wait to make these with my daughter!!!

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