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As much as I enjoyed homeschooling my children, there were days when I longed to be only a mother. Moms have the fun job of displaying tenderness by kissing away hurts and telling their children they are wonderful, but God had an additional task for me. He also wanted me to be my children's school teacher. I had to take out the red pen and correct their papers to challenge them to study harder. Finding loving ways to critique their work and push them was not always easy. My children were forced to respect and relate to me both as a mother and a teacher.

I feared this dual role would create an emotional distance between my children and me. As the homeschooling years went on, however, I realized those fears were unfounded. The relationship I had with my children as their mother gave me opportunities to minister to their personal issues and concerns. The relationship I had as their teacher provided moments for counseling college and career choices, editing job resumes, and more. I became the resource my children went to first when they needed help, and we grew even closer.

God's multiple roles in our Christian walk amaze me, too. He is our loving Abba Father, Savior, best friend, and holy God. He commands our fear, devotion, love, and respect — all the while teaching us to grow closer to Him. He is the first person we should run to for our needs. He is both a gentle shepherd and a jealous God who loves us with passionate, unconditional love. Praise Him today for being your heavenly Father and all you need!

Heavenly Father, thank You for the many ways You bless me each day! I worship You as my holy God, adore You as my Father, thank You for being my Savior, and treasure You as my friend. Help me to enjoy Your love today and walk in the blessings You provide. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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JULIA S 10/10/2009 06:39:48

I too have felt this way, but am encouraged to know it won't inhibit my relationship down the road. Thanks!

SUSAN H 10/10/2011 05:29:33

Our first batch, now age 30 of home schooled children are grown. I can tell you we are much closer than their older siblings who were public schooled. I am the go to person. We also know each other very well. We didn't have to deal with the whole peer pressure thing, because they were secure in their knowledge to trust themselves. We now have a 15 year old who is home schooled. She goes to school two afternoons a week to take Driver's Ed. She was very discusted when she saw a senior stuff a freshman into a trash can with teachers looking on. She spoke up and they told her she didn't understand. They were absolutely right, she didn't understand why because of age an older student was allowed to pick on a younger student. So we find agism and unkindness being taught in the public school, rather than respect and kindness. Pretty scary stuff. Hang in there with the home schooling. It pays of big time!

ANNA H 10/10/2011 08:05:50

I found that having the authority as well as consistent, trusting relationship of parent and teacher together has helped my daughter improve in ways my school teachers didn\'t take the time from the whole class to focus on individually with me.

ALICE N 10/10/2011 08:32:30

Wow---I could have written the first half of this just this morning!! Those very thoughts went through my mind as my 10-year-old daughter said,(in response to my suggestion of me reading through her lesson with her) \" A Mom wouldn\'t be doing that with a 5th grader at school!\" I then replied, \"No, but their teacher would, and I\'m both your mom and your teacher!\"

I really appreciate the encouragement of the second half and the reminder of who our God is and that I need to trust in Him as I take on these two roles He\'s placed me in. Both are such a treasured blessing!

ANDREA M 10/10/2011 10:36:34

I have also felt this way at times and think \"Am I doing the right thing?\". Almost every time I start to doubt myself, God gives me a reason to keep going. Thank you so much for these devotions and thanks to God for them always being what I need, when I need it!! :)

LISA H 10/13/2011 20:42:21

Thank you so much for this devotional today. Two of my home schooled children have now graduated (I have two more to go) and it IS a blessing that they come to me when they need help - resumes, college courses, interviews, etc. I love that you relate it to Our God and how He must feel as our Heavenly Father...such an awesome thought. Thanks again!

KELLI R 10/10/2012 06:42:09

To my beloved Homeschooling Mom\'s. Lesson I have learned and learning.

I put my son in a Math and Science Academy this year. Because of my homeschooling he scored above grade level on the MAP test almost two grade levels. He has done that because of me homeschooling. More time was spent for him to read. In Math he did well. He is doing Saxon intermediate math in school. I asked him how did he know how to do the algerbra and he said YOU taught me. OK, Social Studies and Art he is struggling with. Yes, Art...! I enrolled Jadon in summer camp that taught you how to draw Starwars characters. I have the picture on my wall. Looks like a twelve year old drew it and at the time he was only nine. \"The project-cut magazine pictures out and paste them on a posterboard. Shade around them and WALLL-A you got yourself a nice portrait baby!\" And that\'s 5 grade work? OK-now I am encourage to email his teacher for tutoring. Been a whole month no word from her/them but she/they keep dropping your grade?! Son, what are you learning in Science? \"Hurricans mommie like we learned in Kindergarden!\"

So I said all of this to say I am going to HOMESCHOOL him again. Homeschooling works regardless if I feel at times, \"Oh, God I am ruining my child\'s life.\" Have to remember God is in control and I must have faith. Without faith it\'s impossible to please God. And God created no fool! Feel better thanks for reading. Self-Esteem uplifted again!

DIANE M 10/10/2012 07:12:24

Diane M.

I am homeschooling my teenage grandson who is A.D.D. It has brought us closer together. He is doing well in the quiet environment and is thrilled to be getting a Bible class. I did homeschooling with his father who is A.D.H.D. Yes, we had challenges, but if I had it to do over again, I wouldn\'t change a thing. It took getting into his twenties before he came home one day and said thanks Mom and Dad for all you did. It\'s worth it. Just remember what the Bible says in Phil. 4:13, \"I can do all thing through Christ which strengthens me.\"

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