Teaching Art to Your Stick Figure Drawer

Teaching Art to Your Stick Figure DrawerMost homeschoolers have probably experienced it at some point. You look at your child’s artwork and wrongly identify a dog as a fiery bush. Teaching art in homeschool to your stick figure drawing child can be a harrowing experience. However, just because you’ve already thrown your Leonardo Da Vinci expectations out the window, doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun teaching art. Here are three tips to keep in mind the next time you whip out a blank piece of paper for your child’s next masterpiece.

Start with the basics.
Don’t forget to start with the core basics of art, including learning how to draw circles and shadowing. Once young artists learn the techniques of drawing a 3D box, they can understand how it can be used at a higher level. LIFEPAC Drawing Basics with renowned artist Thomas Kinkade is an excellent elective for teaching the fundamentals of drawing.

Offer Variety.
Now that your child has mastered drawing a circle beyond comparison, circles are likely to start showing up in books, the dirt, and even the syrup. Next, throw in some variety to stretch and grow your child’s budding artistic skills. An art resource like Art Ideas by Alpha Omega Publications gives over 200 ideas of what to draw using a variety of artistic tools and step-by-step directions. Also, go online to find free step-by-step tutorials of how to draw almost anything your child desires.

When children draw, they are creating a story from what they see in their minds’ eye and using art as a creative outlet, so the most important thing you can do in teaching art is encourage your young artist in each drawing, painting, sculpture, or coloring. Even though a stick figure drawing may not be the next Mona Lisa, encourage your child and value each unique piece of artwork that is placed on your refrigerator.

How do you teach art in homeschool? What have you mistakenly identified in your child’s artwork?

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