Telling Time

One gift a parent can give a child is the ability to tell time because telling time is a fundamental skill on which today's society is built. Children who understand how to gauge and read time are more likely to become independent, meet important deadlines, and respect other people's schedules.

The procedure for learning to tell time will require practice each day. Horizons Math for grades K-6 from Alpha Omega Publications® offers excellent instruction and review for helping your child learn how to tell time.

Horizons Math is so easy to use, parents all over the country enjoy teaching time with its workbooks. Joy, a homeschool mother of three, says, "Horizons Math is the only curriculum that I don't feel I need to question each year. I've been using Horizons since my child was in 1st grade; and since then, I have used it consistently and know that it is thorough. It's simple for me to teach, and I have been very happy with it."

Horizons Math also helps eliminate one problem which might occur in teaching younger children to tell time - determining the hour. The closer the long hand (which represents minutes on the clock) gets to the numbers 10, 11, and 12, the more the short hand appears to be on the next hour. Drawing lines on worksheets or using a clock manipulative accurately will show how the long hand moves at the same time as the short hand. You can also practice with a real clock to clarify this concept and help your child determine the hour correctly.

Helping your child learn to tell time can be practiced by using times of the day he can understand - such as breakfast, supper, or bed times. You can also use times your child enjoys most - when dad gets home from work, when he gets to go play with a friend, or when he can watch a favorite TV program.

Telling time doesn't need to be difficult for your child anymore. With practice and Horizons Math, watch his confidence grow. Don't be surprised if he's the first to answer the next time someone asks, "What time is it?"

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