Ten Reasons to Read Aloud to Your Children

Ten Reasons to Read Aloud to Your ChildrenAs simple as it may seem in a world of high-tech toys and TV, reading out loud to your child is the single most important activity homeschooling parents can do to prepare their child for future academic success. This year, create a lifelong love of reading in your child for these ten reasons:

1. A child who has consistently been read to from an early age scores higher in verbal and communication skills than a child who has not.

2. A child's comprehension and reading literacy is increased significantly when a parent reads to a child.

3. Reading aloud bonds a parent and a child. The one-on-one communication gives children the attention they crave.

4. A taste for excellent literature is developed when reading out loud to a child.

5. Listening skills and attention spans are enhanced.

6. Reading out loud promotes discussion about what is being read and entices a child to process information about the world and how it works.

7. The connection between the written word and printed word is established when reading aloud.

8. Reading aloud helps a young reader improve his vocabulary as he recognizes new words and decodes their meaning from the content.

9. A shared frame of reference is established when reading out loud with material for family inside jokes from favorite books.

10. The priceless benefits of reading to your child lay the foundation for a lifetime love of reading.

What are some of the favorite books your homeschool family has read together? Please take a moment to share them in the comment field below!

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LAURA P 01/05/2012 20:42:57

Most definitely, \'Where The Red Fern Grows\' is the most awesome family book ever. Next to the Bible, of course.

TAMMY M 01/06/2012 05:19:52

I have read to my children since they were infants. I did not grow up in a home where I was read to. After becoming a believer at the age of 18, it was a challenge to develop a love for reading. Over time though it changed. As I was in the Word more, my love for reading grew. I wanted to get to know my Savior. As for my children, they LOVE reading and being read to. Reading is my oldest child\'s favorite activity. She has a book in her hand most of the time!!

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