Ten Summertime To Do’s for Homeschool Parents

Ten Summertime to dos for Homeschool ParentsOffering a moment for homeschool parents to reflect, recharge, and refocus, summer is the perfect time to prepare for the next school year. Here are ten to do's that you'll want to add to your list of summertime activities, so you can enjoy your homeschooling even more this fall.

Hit the Road
A change of scenery does wonders for parents who experience months of homeschooling within the same four walls. Although field trips and outings with friends throughout the year are great, nothing refreshes a tired homeschool parent more than an extended vacation that lets you get away from it all.

Expand Your Horizons
Try something new like enrolling in a night course or taking up a fun hobby. Your new interest may even translate into exciting homeschool lessons in the coming year.

Reward Yourself
Get a new hair style, enjoy a massage, go for a swim, or take an entire day to enjoy a book you've been wanting to read. Whatever the activity, make time to do something to pamper yourself. After a long homeschool year, you need to care for your body, mind, and soul with pleasurable moments that make life fulfilling.

Reflect on Last Year's Homeschooling
As you think back over the past year, identify your homeschool successes and challenges. Honestly evaluate what worked and what didn't, so you can make your homeschooling even better.

Be Informed about Homeschooling
Stay on top of what's happening with homeschooling on a state and national level. Today's educational legislation could mean a big change in how you homeschool tomorrow, so get involved and make a difference before laws and regulations restrict your homeschooling freedoms.

Increase Your Homeschooling Expertise
Attend a homeschool convention and read popular homeschool blogs, forums, and reviews to stay informed about the latest trends in homeschooling. Also, find online resources to better understand how to best teach to your children's learning styles.

Rethink Your Schedule
Pick three to five daily living areas that need improving in your homeschooling day. Spend time updating and rewriting your family's house rules for discipline. Reorganize and teach housekeeping tasks to your children that will free up more time and make your homeschooling run more smoothly.

Assess Your Curriculum
While you enjoy a cool glass of lemonade, think about what you really need to homeschool more effectively. Do you feel bound to your curriculum? Is the content lacking? Can you cut costs by purchasing a more affordable homeschool curriculum like Switched-On Schoolhouse® that can be used with more than one child? Would your family benefit from the convenience of an easy-to-teach online curriculum like Monarch™?

Get Inspired
Renew your soul by reading your Bible and spending quality time with the Lord. Find an inspirational homeschool devotional and remember again why you originally decided to homeschool.

Invite a Homeschool Friend to Lunch
Lifting up other homeschool parents is always a blessing. Let your friends know what they're doing is important and that all their hard work is appreciated.

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