Thanksgiving Table Art and Crafts

If you enjoyed the tasty turkey place cards we shared in the Homeschool View last November, your family will have a blast transforming this year's Thanksgiving festivities into a cornucopia of cute and simple crafts that everyone can decorate and share.

Fruity Gourd Gobbler
The Fruity Gourd Gobbler is an attractive table centerpiece and a nutritious snack for the whole family.

You will need:
1 melon (turkey's body)
1 kiwi (turkey's head)
One dozen grapes or berries (feathers)
One dozen cheese chunks (feathers)
2 raisins (eyes)
1 baby carrot (nose)
7-10 bamboo skewers

Break one skewer into sections. Grab your melon and pin the kiwi to one end of your turkey's body, toward the top. This is the turkey's head. Next, pin two raisins to the kiwi using skewer pieces or toothpicks. These are the turkey's eyes. Then, break your baby carrot in half and attach it below the raisins to serve as the turkey's nose.

Now that your turkey's head is complete, you're ready for the feathers. First, make six to eight fruit and cheese kabobs, alternating fruit with cheese. Then, fan the filled sticks across the other end of the melon to make a colorful turkey tail. Be sure to stick each skewer deep into the melon to hold the weight of the grapes and cheese.

Hint: If you don't have fruit or cheese in your fridge, substitute soft candy, like gum drops.

Thanksgiving Tree
The Thanksgiving Tree is a creative way of displaying what you're grateful for this holiday.

Thanksgiving TreeYou will need:
One large poster board
Construction paper in several colors
Kid-safe paint, crayons, or markers
A black marker
Clear tape

First, ask the artist in your family to draw a large tree with many branches on the poster board. Paint or color the tree and write, "I'm thankful for ..." in black marker on the trunk. Next, using one color of construction paper for each member of your family, cut approximately 10-20 leaves of each color.

Hang the poster on a wall and place the stacks of leaves and marker nearby. Assign each family member a color, and have them write what they are thankful for on the leaves. Compete to see who can tape the most leaves they are thankful for on the tree before Thanksgiving.

Turkey Milk Jug
The Turkey Milk Jug doubles as a fun kids' activity and a game for all ages.

Turkey Milk JugYou will need:
An empty plastic milk jug
Kid-safe paints
Construction paper or craft foam
One pom-pom
Two googly eyes (optional)

First, rinse your milk jug thoroughly and cut off the top piece where the lid screws on. Paint the jug (your turkey's body), adding a red turkey gobbler to the handle and wings below. Next, glue a pom-pom to the top of the handle. This is your turkey's head. Then, glue two googly eyes to the pom-pom or make your own eyes out of construction paper. Next, shape a paper or foam beak and place it below the eyes. Finally, cut several tail feathers from construction paper or foam, and glue them to the back of the milk jug to serve as feathers.

Not only do you now have a cute, homemade turkey for display, but you also have a game! Pass out pencils or clothespins, and the person who drops the most into the jug wins. To keep the competition fair, have participants stand over the jug and hold the pencil or clothespin at their own nose level.

Do you have a favorite turkey craft or activity of your own? Please share yours in the comment section below!

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