The Benefits of Earning College Credit in High School

The Benefits of Earning College Credit in High School

Image this: Your child graduates from college a year early and saves a couple thousand dollars, if not more, because he or she earned college credit in high school. Sound good? Taking higher education courses before the college years begin is becoming more common. It is also an easy way for homeschoolers to maximize their flexible schedules.

An advantage of homeschooling is that college classes can be incorporated into a typical high school course load. The classes prepare students for the strict schedules and rigor of higher education, and enable them to graduate early if enough classes are taken. College courses also increase communication skills by requiring the learner to coordinate with classmates on projects and learn how to converse with a professor. Specific deadlines on projects and exams teach homeschooled students how to manage time and prioritize social and educational commitments.

There are many options for earning college credit. Local community colleges or universities offer onsite classes that students can attend to get a sense of college life and expectations. Taking classes on the college grounds is also a good way for high school students to experience what life would be like if they attend the institution after graduation. Some colleges have orientation and group activities for high school students enrolled in online or on-campus courses, which helps make the experience socially satisfying, too.

Another alternative is to take college level classes through the Alpha Omega Academy dual credit program. Students can earn college credits that also satisfy high school credit requirements by enrolling in online classes through a partner college. Every online college class taken at an approved college simultaneously earns .5 credits from AOA. The program enables students to prepare for advanced learning while taking advantage of the freedom of learning at home.

Earning college credit in high school is an easy way to prepare mentally and to save money before heading off to college. It also gives homeschool families confidence that their children are adequately prepared for college life.

What are other benefits of earning college credit in high school?

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