The Benefits of Online Homeschooling

What pops in your head when you think of the top benefit of online homeschooling? If you are like many online homeschoolers, there are too many advantages to pick just one. Alpha Omega Publications’ Monarch online homeschool curriculum emphasizes freedom, simplicity, and easy access for both the learner and the parent.

Freedom: Anytime. Anywhere. That is when and where you can homeschool with an online curriculum. Whether visiting family a few states away or sipping a hot cappuccino at the local coffee shop, learners can access lessons easily no matter their location. Great for night owls and early birds, online homeschooling lets learners set their own schedule and pace. You don’t have to worry about packing a pile of textbooks or making sure you have the whole lesson plan when your family goes on an impromptu trip, just grab a laptop and enjoy the freedom of online homeschooling.

Simplicity: If the paper tiger has dug sharp claws into you, then you know how annoying the mounds of homeschool paperwork waiting to be filed, graded, or tossed can be. With online homeschooling everything is automatically saved and backed up, so you don’t have to worry about losing special projects or papers if the computer crashes or a document accidently gets shredded. Enjoy the simplicity of storing fewer textbooks and loose papers by becoming paper-free.

Easy Access:  Whether your family goes on a vacation only once a year or you are world travelers, online homeschooling offers the benefit of easy access wherever, whenever. Learners can login in anywhere that has access to Internet, whether that’s the library, a coffee shop, or a friend’s house. As a parent, you can login to see how your children are doing even if you are miles away.

Online homeschooling lets families homeschool how they want and when they want. Consider a curriculum like Monarch to enjoy the freedom, simplicity, and easy access of online homeschooling.

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