The Case for Year Round Homeschooling

One of the many benefits of homeschooling is that you have complete control to customize it to fit your family’s needs and schedule. Year round homeschooling is one way families are breaking away from the traditional school schedule to customize their homeschool. For families considering making the shift to year round homeschooling, here are a few things to consider.

Year round homeschooling might be for you if…

You need more time.
If you regularly feel rushed trying to finish your homeschool curriculum in the traditional 10-month school year, then year round homeschooling may be the solution. Adding two more months to your homeschool calendar allows you to take a more relaxed pace. Year round homeschoolers are often able to work fewer hours each day, and some even choose to cut back to 4 school days per week!

Your schedule doesn’t match up with the traditional school year.
For traveling families or families who have unconventional schedules, the traditional August/September-May/June school year doesn’t always make sense. Year round homeschooling allows families to take shorter breaks evenly spread throughout the year, rather than taking one large break in the summer.

Your child seems to forget so much during your summer break.
Many children struggle with the transition period that inevitably comes after a two-month break. Some families need an entire month or two of the next school year merely to review concepts from the previous year. With year round homeschooling, structured learning becomes a rhythm of life allowing for more chances to review and reinforce in order to increase retention.

Your child loves learning.
If your child complains during the summer of being bored and is often prodding you to do science experiments or projects even during your time off, year round homeschooling may be exactly what your family needs. The love of learning is so natural in children that taking a break from learning may not even make sense to your child, especially for your youngest ones. Year round homeschooling allows you to foster that love of learning and demonstrate that learning is not just for school but for life!

Have you considered year round homeschooling for your family? Why or why not?

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