The Deepest Need

"The LORD is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me" (Psalm 118:6)?

If someone gave you a blank piece of paper and said, "Write down your greatest needs as a homeschooling parent," what would you write? Would you write a few short sentences, or would you fill the entire page with a huge list of items? As unique as each homeschooling parent's needs may be, if you truly look inside your heart, chances are you'll discover your deepest homeschooling needs are love, significance, and acceptance. These needs aren't easily met, however, since the world considers homeschoolers different and shies away in rejection. Even your own family can fail to give you the encouraging and positive feedback necessary in homeschooling. So, where do you go to fill your emotional void?

Praise God we have a loving heavenly Father who is more than enough to meet our deepest needs. The story of Noah in the Old Testament is a perfect example. Imagine the rejection and ridicule he must have experienced for obeying God when building a boat bigger than a football field! In a world filled with violence and corruption (Genesis 6:11), I'm sure Noah was probably threatened as well. Yet, Noah had it right, didn't he? Even though the people probably mocked him for days, it wasn't Noah who was on the wrong side of the door when it began to rain! God's acceptance of Noah's faith was demonstrated when He spared Noah and his family from the flood.

Have you been building your homeschooling ark, but you still find yourself being mocked by the world? Take courage. God's acceptance, approval, and love are all you need. Even though others will never understand the many benefits and blessings of homeschooling, you know the truth. Remain steadfast in teaching your children about the Lord, so when He returns, you'll be standing on the right side of the door. "What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us" (Romans 8:31)?

Father, some days, teaching my children seems as huge a task as building an ark. Thank You for Your love and acceptance that encourage me to go on homeschooling. Please, strengthen me to hear Your voice clearly each day. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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MIRIAM C 03/30/2010 07:00:58

Thanks for words fitly spoken. One would think that after 12 years of homeschooling you would have some things figured out , Right? Well, as Paul expains "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak." I am so thankful our Lord provides proper encouragement in His Word. This is where I find my strength and my help. Only one more year to cherish this special time of learning and growing with my children before entering a new season of life.

CARIN M 03/30/2011 07:25:31


HEATHER H 03/30/2011 07:29:32

Thank you so much for this insight! I REALLY needed it!

FREDRICK S 04/01/2011 12:43:39

I am just begining my Jurney of Homeschooling and your words of wisdom have already helped. Thank You

DEB W 03/30/2012 05:34:04

This devotion really encouraged me today. Thank you!

Fredrick S - I\'m new at Homeschooling also. This daily devotion in my email inbox every day has really been helpful. God bless you.

JEN H 03/30/2012 06:48:21

This is very encouraging. I will be starting my journey with this next school year, I wish it had been sooner but God had a plan and a time and now is it. thanks jen.

KATHY S 03/30/2012 08:04:11

Every morning it\'s toast, yogurt, and the \"daily devotionals\" from Alpha Omega.

I look forward to them each and every day.

I started homeschooling last November, and these devotionals have been an encouragement and a blessing to me since I started.

Thank you !

BONNA B 03/30/2012 23:58:00

This devotional was perfect for me this day and truly inspired of God. A couple of days ago, I was questioned by a lady about my homeschooling our 6 y.o. Son and the question was insinuating it towards possible neglect. This lady worked in a social service position and so you might understand my immediate defense and cause for alarm. But I boldly stated that homeschooling my child is nobody\'s business. We are registered with a wonderful State program that I report our progress and submit examples to.

Besides the fact that I love teaching our child, the sad truth is that our small town public school system is about as awful as they get. The Kindergarten teacher is allowed to gossip in front of her students to other staff and many, many other horrific stories that would frighten any sane adult. The true neglect lay within our public school. Granted there are a few good people who teach and work in administrative services who I adore and find to be effective, the area our son would be if he were in school is about the most unhealthy atmosphere and downright a nightmare.

So, this devotional was perfect for me this day inasmuch as bringing peace to my inner soul to take a deep breath and know God will take care of me and my child and family as we grow together as student and teacher.

Thank you.

WENDE Y 04/02/2012 08:11:32

than you for sharing this . it amazes me how the Lord shows me what i need to hear. we have been homeschooling . our 6 children for 12 yrs . we started when our oldest, twin boys who are now 23 ,were in 11. we have recently come under ridicule from a neighbor who rather than speak me choose to attack my 12 yr old ! saying all i do is sit home and do nothing and at least her children can read !! well we no the truth of what our homeschooling is and we also know that one of the reasons her child can read is because i took the time to tutor her , at the request of her mother . at times it can be hurtful , but this put a little wind in my sail and i know that we are on the \"right side of the door \"

PAMELA REITENBACH 03/30/2013 11:56:47

Thank you! I am in an area where homeschooling is huge. The public school system is, for the most part homeschool-friendly. I homeschooled our 3 now grown children beginning in 1997. By the time our youngest was graduating, I was beginning to homeschool our adopted little girl. She is now 3rd grade and really struggling in math and reading, mostly due to vision problems and probably dyslexia. For this reason, she is well behind her peers in these areas. My family isn't too negative about us homeschooling, but I can tell they are concerned because my daughter is 'behind' by the regular school standards. If anyone would confront me and say my child should be in school, I'm ready. School would be the worst place for her! She already makes comments about being 'dumb'. Home with me is where she belongs. My patience is thin some days, but I am committed to finding the best ways for her to learn at home. The Lord has given me special resources. I will not fear what man can do to me, when I know I am on the 'right side of the door'. Thank you!

Samantha Bell 03/31/2014 09:10:56

This was exactly what I needed! Sat. Mar., 29, 2014 I lost my youngest sister in a tragic way. The scripture Psalm 118:6 was so fitting as my oldest sister & I have not gotten along for many years due to my faith in Jesus. This scripture has given me so much strength already and as my family goes through these next few days, weeks, & months, I will continue to draw from it.

Thank you much for taking the time to write this devotional book. GOD Bless, Samantha.

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