The Greatest Orator

Because Jesus was a master teacher, He is a great example for us to model in homeschooling our children. Christ was never afraid to speak in public and His love was always communicated to those who heard Him. He knew how to bring people to a point of understanding, confession, and forgiveness.

That same speaking ability of motivating people into action can be cultivated in your children. Whether it be in a Christian forum as pastor, youth leader, or Sunday school teacher or in the everyday work world, communication is a skill children should develop to glorify the Lord. God can use them to speak for Him to a lost and hurting world. How do we help our children find the confidence to stand in front of a crowd and share Biblical truths or a business report?

Part of that confidence comes from being taught how to communicate thoughts and ideas. The LIFEPAC® elective, Essentials of Communication, will show your homeschooled children how to successfully interact with others by communicating with poise and ease. Understanding group dynamics, presenting techniques, etiquette, interviewing, and other communication skills are all addressed in this curriculum for grades 9-12.

Practicing communication techniques in front of you and other family members will not only develop your children's communication skills but also strengthen their sense of self-worth. Start while your children are young by having them read books aloud, present puppet shows, or act out parts in a play. As your children grow older, have them present oral book reports, show-and-tell projects, or demonstrations at meetings with other homeschoolers. Providing opportunities for your children to teach a song, a memory verse, or object lesson at church will also develop successful communication skills.

Communicating verbally doesn't have to be difficult for your children - it can be as natural as breathing. Teach your children the techniques they need and eliminate those fears of speaking in public. Learn from Christ's example and show your children how to win the heart of their audience through clear and effective speech.

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