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Who the U.S. chooses in the 2008 election for our next President might well set the future course for homeschooling in America. As families who cherish the freedom and right to teach our children with Bible-based homeschool curriculum, we need to be informed and scrutinize the agendas of each Presidential candidate. So, where does each major candidate stand on the important issues that affect homeschoolers? To help you make an educated vote this coming November, here are a few of the republican and democratic candidate's past and present positions on the topics of marriage, family, and education:

Senator John McCain at a Glance

 - Voted for the Defense of Marriage Act, which prohibits same-sex couples from receiving federal rights and benefits in any state.
 - Campaigned for a ban on same-sex relationship recognition in his home state of Arizona, including appearing in a campaign television ad.
 - Believes the institution of marriage is a union between one man and one woman.

 - Voted to confirm President Bush's judicial nominees who had taken anti-homosexual positions.
 - Believes Roe v. Wade is a flawed decision that must be overturned to protect the life of the unborn. Has publicly stated that life begins at conception.
 - Opposes the intentional creation of human embryos for research purposes, but supports funding for amniotic fluid and adult stem cell research and other types of scientific study that do not involve the use of human embryos.

 - Co-sponsored the Education A-Plus bill in 1997 and again in 1999, which allows parents to open tax-free savings accounts for their children's educational expenses, including tutoring, computers, and tuition.
 - Supports school vouchers and empowering parents to choose among schools for their children, including charter schools, homeschooling, and public schools.
 - Believes the decision of teaching creationism curriculum alongside evolution in schools should be made at the local level.

Senator Barack Obama at a Glance

 - Voted against a Federal Marriage Amendment.
 - Opposed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996, which gives states the option of not recognizing another state's "gay marriages" and prohibits the federal government from recognizing "gay marriage."
 - Supports civil unions between gay and lesbian couples, as well as letting individual states determine if marriage between gay and lesbian couples should be legalized.

 - Supports gays and lesbians having the same rights as heterosexuals to adopt children.
 - Original co-sponsor of legislation to expand access to contraception, health information, and preventive services to help reduce unintended pregnancies.
 - In January 2007, introduced the Prevention First Act that increases funding for family planning and comprehensive sex education.

 - Plans to reform the No Child Left Behind Act.
 - Has made no public statement about homeschooling. However, he is endorsed by the National Education Association (NEA). The NEA agenda opposes homeschooling unless children are taught by state-licensed teachers using a state-approved curriculum and wants to bar homeschoolers from participating in any extracurricular activities in public schools.
 - Will implement the "Zero to Five" plan, a preschool agenda that begins at birth and does the following:
     * Quadruples the number of children in Early Head Start
     * Increases Head Start funding
     * Encourages all states to adopt a voluntary, universal preschool
     * Provides funding for early learning challenge grants
     * Increases tax credits for working parents with child care expenses
     * Expands evidence-based home visiting programs

Help Inform Homeschoolers

Like the recent California legislation episode, it's important to get the word out when we learn of information that threatens homeschooling. As the 2008 election draws closer and the presidential candidates solidify their stances on political issues, help homeschoolers vote more informed by adding any current news developments to the Homeschool Blog at Alpha Omega Publications!

(Note: The information listed on this page has been provided solely as a courtesy and does not endorse a political candidate).

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SHELBY S 09/04/2008 06:21:25

I think it\'s pretty clear, McCain is the way to go!

JOY G 09/04/2008 06:26:16

I hate that you use hte homeschooling business sector to promote political issues like the elction. I support home schooling efforts at every turn, but to promote a candidate for office is wrong. I want to be removed from your mailing lists.

TAMARA G 09/04/2008 06:28:26

Perhaps Palin should homeschool her children because they obviously need the attention

ANGELA P 09/04/2008 06:39:30

I\'m loving John McCain & Sarah Palin. The ticket is well worth voting for now. I don\'t feel that her kids actions should be blamed on her. That is ludacris to say that she is to blame for her 17 year old daughters pregnancy. You can only do so much as a parent. That girl is pretty much an adult. I am just glad to hear that she is keeping this child & her & her boyfriend had already planned on marriage. I don\'t agree with premarital sex, but it does happen. The only question is, are they going to be responsible & take care of this child. It seems that is what they plan to do. Good for them. Well, that\'s my 2 cents for the day.

JOAN T 09/04/2008 06:40:58

Thanks for demonstrating where each candidate is on issues that are usually very important to families who homeschool. I appreciate the insight, and I\'m glad I\'m on the mailing list!

LISA R 09/04/2008 06:42:49

Unlike Joy Garitone, I believe that your company is doing what every company in America should consider. It is important to note that AOP did not post a banner saying Vote for John McCain, they simply posted factual voting stances taken by each candidate. I do not understand why anyone would find that biased or offensive. Take a bold stance, put the facts about the candidates out there in every possible venue so that all Americans have an opportunity to make an informed decision. If we were all to base our political vote on the opinion of the mass media alone then I can guarantee that none of us would have the right to even raise our own children anymore, let alone home school them, because the opinion of the mass media seems to be leaning toward the concept that the majority of parents are not intelligent enough to raise or educate children. Thank you AOP for sending this information out. I encourage everyone to investigate the candidates in this election

GENE B 09/04/2008 06:49:33

We need the wise comparison to know that voting is important and will have great impact on the future of homeschooling! I appreciate the information so I can share it with others. You presented it in a non-biased, factual manner. Good job!

OSCAR J 09/04/2008 07:02:51

Why McCain? He\'s just another Bush and he hasn\'t done a thing for Homeschooling.

KELLIE B 09/04/2008 07:09:45

Thank you so much for the comparison. I already knew I wouldn\'t be voting for Obama, this just confirms why.....

DIANNA L 09/04/2008 07:19:49

Our democracy is founded on the basis that voters are to be educated and informed on issues and the moral character of the candidates when they place their vote. I know there are people who believe that the American people are basically ignorant and are incapable of making educated decisions, unable to discern truth from deceit. I say stop telling me what to think and how to vote. Present the facts about the candidates as Alpha Omega Publishing has done and allow me the right as an American to choose without coercion. As to the judgement passed by Tamara Gilreath about Sarah Palin and her children, I would love to hear of your personal experience about the time you have spent with Sarah and her family. I will listen to what you have personally observed and discern the truth from your experiences with the Palin family. If in fact you have not observed this family personally then your statement is a form of gossip.

VERONICA M 09/04/2008 07:24:44

Why would a homeschooler waste a vote for either of the major two. Why would a supposed Christian organization be promoting a vote for either of these two candidates or parties. The majority of homeschoolers are Christians, and as Christians, we are to vote for the candidate that best stands for God\'s ways, and neither of these two major parties come close. Voting for the lesser of two evils is a cop-out, and should not be what Christians are to do. The Constitution Party has been in the running since the early 90\'s, and is the only viable candidate for Christians to consider at this point. Be sure you can stand before God on judgment day and proclaim you voted for the candidate GOD would want in office. Until Christians start voting their conscience, and stop looking at elections as who of the nasty two is better, then we will never see a change. It may take a handful of elections to see a third party candidate get mainstream coverage, but not if Christian continue to cop-out and not vote their beliefs. Stop throwing your vote away on the top two politicians as usual, and vote for change.

SHELISA H 09/04/2008 07:47:15

I do not understand why some of you think AOP \"promoted a candidate\" or told you who to vote for. They simply stated facts and apparently you did not like what you saw, that would be the only reason you would react the way you did. The facts are listed on both candidates. You can read and make your choice. But in my opinion the choice is clear!!

LISA H 09/04/2008 08:14:00

As Christian I can not see how you could vote for someone who is willing to let same sex people be considered \"married\", as well as a person who is also willing to allow legislation to go through that will continue to kill unborn children. We as followers of CHrist need to stand up for the principles we should all stand by as Christians.

TIFFANY S 09/04/2008 08:48:37

Patricia Nash, The government has no authority to grant or deny marriage. They didn\'t start doing that until after the slaves were freed - to stop them from marrying whites. It is a spiritual union between you and your partner and God. The government should have nothing to do with straight or gay or any form of marriage. Where do you draw the line? soon you will need a license to be able to have a baby.... Don\'t get me wrong, I believe that God meant for us to marry people of the opposite sex... but you can\'t legislate morals. if it\'s not harming anyone else\'s life or property then it\'s none of the government\'s or anyone else\'s business. I see the 2 main candidates as basically the same thing - they differ on very little that actually has to do with government. I won\'t be voting for wither one, even though I am a very involved member of the GOP. I am going to vote for Bob Barr. The constitution was written to protect the people from the government - to restrain the government - NOT restrain the people. It\'s not supposed to run our lives for us. I wish more people would actually read the constitution and the federalist papers. \"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.\" John Quincy Adams (1767-1848) 6th US President \"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.\" Thomas Jefferson PS - it would have been nice if AOP mentioned the \"minor\" candidates\' stances in this article as well... then maybe some people wouldn\'t see it as biased.

KATIE S 09/04/2008 08:57:02

I agree completly with you Patricia Nash. As a Christian I can\'t see how I could ever vote for Obama, He is for everything we as Christians should be agianst. Everyone should be agianst. McCain is no saint either but he has alot of good ideas. I just hope Americans open their eyes and see that Obama is bad news For everyone not just christians. Thats my opinion of course and you all can agree or disagree. God will let who ever He wants into office. And if He thinks this country needs an evil ruler He will put one. He allowed it to happen to the Isrealites His chosen people. Why not us. This country is long over do for judgement.......

TIFFANY S 09/04/2008 09:06:40

Dianna Leppke, \"our democracy\" - that is in correct. Our form of government is NOT a democracy. It is a Republic.... there is a WORLD of difference between the 2. the word democracy is not mentioned once in the constitution. the founders were not found of democracies. ---------------- \"A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.\" Thomas Jefferson ---------------- \"Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.\" John Adams ----------------- \"That a pure democracy if it were practicable would be the most perfect government. Experience has proved that no position is more false than this. The ancient democracies in which the people themselves deliberated never possessed one good feature of government. Their very character was tyranny; their figure deformity.\" Alexander Hamilton -------------------- This is a good video to explain the difference:

KATIE S 09/04/2008 09:18:52

Tiffany S your statements \"The government has no authority to grant or deny marriage\" \"It is a spiritual union between you and your partner and God. The government should have nothing to do with straight or gay or any form of marriage.\" God doesn\'t want Gay marriage. Just look in the Bible In 1 Corinthians Starting in verses 9 and 10.Also in Genesis 19 verses 1 through 29. See what happened to two cities because the king didn\'t govern the people right. I respect your opinion. and I am not trying to attac you in any way. I hope you do not take it that way. It was just a shock to read the first part of your comment. But I do agree with you, all candidates and their facts should be included.

JILL H 09/04/2008 10:09:58

Way to go, McCormack! The media has deceived us all by not reporting all the facts and events associated with other candidates. I know , I know--you don\'t want to \"waste your vote\". Vote for Chuck Baldwin, or write in Ron Paul, and just see what happens when God\'s people pray and ACT! You can\'t pray for God to put the right person into office, and then vote the exact opposite. John McCain will keep this LIE FROM THE START war going. George Bush spewed all the TALK that he needed to do to get the Christian vote. Do not be deceived again.

BETHANY A 09/04/2008 11:37:20

Some things I have been thinking about for the upcoming election that I want to share with you. 1) Why do places like AOP and elsewhere refuse to research and write about the other candidates running like Chuck Baldwin (constitution party), Bob Barr (libertarian party), and Ralph Nader (green party). It seems to me wrong somehow that we ignore these people when I know for a fact that both Baldwin and Barr support homeschooling. 2) How can we tell our kids to stand up for right when we don\'t even stand up for it? Think about all the compromises that you have to make to support a particular candidate. I\'m talking about moral compromise. This is something our kids will look to and point out as they see it. This also may be why this next generation won\'t defend the Truth. We show them every day that sometimes you just got to compromise morals in order to get something you want. I am not going to tell you how to vote but I do encourage everyone not to just look at this one piece and decide who to vote for. Do your own research and look into every candidate and their records. Sometimes people can sound really good but inside they are vile and corrupt. Remember that a vote for morality and conscience is not a wasted vote. Far better to lose the election by voting for Truth and justice than to compromise and numb your conscience.

PAMELA R 09/04/2008 12:03:03

Thanks for the article w/the comparison facts between McCain & Obama, and then leaving the choice between us & God. Very well done. God bless you. I recently watched a the replay of the Civic Forum for the Presidency where both McCain & Obama were asked all the same questions. So you can watch them answer all the same topics. For homeschooling info., check out the EDUCATION video (I think it\'s on pg. 2 at link below). I was sure happy to hear McCain specifically list homeschooling as one of the many options parents should always be free to choose from. And then he specifically said, \"Homeschooling works!\" Amen! :) The link below at GodTube is where you can watch each of their answers to any topic you\'re curious about. They organized this extremely well. Sure helps to watch this. You go to the topic you want to listen to and click on that topic. Page down to get to the individual topic videos. Enjoy!

DIANE R 09/04/2008 12:50:33

Thank you for the info. I am new to homeschooling so this was something I needed to know. Not that I would have voted for Obama anyway. It\'s also nice to know that there are other candidates out there but I for one am not willing to risk an Obama administration. Yes we should advocate for these other canidates voices to be heard and given a fair shake but I will not risk the safety of my children just to prove a point. As for the comment made about Govenor Palin. I find it sad that some would think that because she is a working mother it is somehow her fault that her 17 year old daughter is pregnant. I am a stay at home mother who has taught my children the word of God. I have taught them that premarital sex is a sin;however despite my best efforts my 2 older children have had a child out of wedlock. All we can do is teach our children our morals and beliefs. The rest is up to them. We can pray that they will make the right decisions but as parents we can not beat ourselves up for the decisions our children make. Diane Reyes

CATRYNA J 09/04/2008 18:29:15

I hate to mention this, but for someone who espouses family values he left his first wife very nastily. John McCain left his first wife for the young chippie, we see today. I don\'t like that. Secondly, Palin, has 5 children; a special needs child, a pregnant unwed daughter, apparently an abusive brother-in-law, and we think she needs another job??? I have voted Republican for many years, but I just can\'t see voting to encourage this woman to continue ignoring the cry for help she\'s getting from her family. I\'m sorry, but this just isn\'t the family values I can support. I don\'t think its her \"fault\" her daughter is pregnant, but this did seem to come about during her quest for newfound power as Governor, but she is also the mom of a special needs child. My goodness when will she have time to be a Vice President? In any event, lets face it, the President rarely decides issues like state\'s rights, which homeschooling falls under. We better scurtinize our Senators and Representatives for that.

MICHELLE H 09/04/2008 18:51:31

I would also like to be removed from your hypocritical web site. Maybe you can sell your curriculum to Dr. James Dobson because I will be promoting all but yours.You want to promote marriage and family. Look at John McCain who divorced his first wife because of a horrible accident that left her mamed and he said she became short and fat and her looks appalled him. He is not pro-life, he wants war and dead soldiers. I would love to go on but I do not believe this is the place for this and I hope that you apologize for this because it offends at least half of the population. I know you think you are right but sin is sin and all have sinned and fallen short. Being gay may be sin but who has not sinned ( cast the first stone). Maybe Mccain will outlaw sin since he is so godly. I am sorry for offending anyone. I will pray for forgiveness for me, you, the gays, mccain,and obama. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whosoever belives in shall not perish but have everlasting life. which includes everyone not just the phar-I -sees

MELISSA C 09/04/2008 19:58:00

I thank you for your information on the candidates\' stand on the issues. Some of these people such as Joy must not have the same reasons for homeschooling that I do, because she and others would realize the importance of who becomes president! When she is flooded with scrutiny and questions for what she is doing, maybe it will mean more.! Wake up Michelle Hall! You would rather penalize McCain for a decision he made years ago rather than see the truths of Obama\'s lies and hypocrisy that he demonstrates on a daily basis. YOU should apoligize for not respecting the men and women who have died for this country! McCain, himself, was a POW for years! Although Huckabee was my first choice, McCain is WAY above Obama and his lukewarmness and fame! There is a season for everything under the sun, including war--read the Good Book which also states homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord! Why was Sodom and Gomora destroyed?! I think Palin is just like us-wants the best for her children and country which should be decided by the people, not the government ( which is not to be confused with the military)! So thank you Alpha Omega! I love your products and your site!! Keep up the good news and these few ignorant people will not affect your sales!! Thanks again! Melissa Curry

RACHELL R 09/04/2008 20:45:41

Thanks AOP for the contrast of candidates. You are free to compare the two major party candidates as an FYI to those who have chosen to receive these emails. You have never represented yourselves as political consultants or offered to solve lifes problems with these emails, they can only contain so much info anyways. All those who are angered by what they believe you should have included in (or excluded) in this email (that they chose to receive) are free to send out their own exhaustive political commentary emails here in this wonderful free country we call America. They will, however, have to do their own research, have their own database and email lists to send them to, and can then include everything they believe should be shared with their recipients. Meanwhile, you AOP, will have moved on the the next task of running your business, which you appear to do quite well and they will have vented in a format you freely offered them. Sounds like we all have alot to thank the good Lord for today. And all of these wonderful liberties are ours because we live in America! What a privilege and blessing.

DELLACA R 09/04/2008 21:48:34

I appreciate the comments of the brother\'s and sister\'s here. I am only dishearted to search for the intries left in love and not anger. I will watch patiently for more facts to be give on the stance of the candidates and appreciate the information provided by AOP. My children and I love the SOS program and this debate will not deter us in the future. I can understand those who feel convicted to vote for a minority candidate they fill better suits the roll of president, but the truth is that the house of God devided will not do Him service. I ask that you continue to pray, as I do, for the wisdom to see truth and do not close your mind to Him so that when November 4th comes, should you still feel this way, you know that it was not a diversion of the deceiver. God bless you all and this great nation.

HEIDI C 09/04/2008 22:52:20

Thank you Jeff McCormack for your post! That was very well said. Also, thanks to the rest of you who mentioned the need to vote for the candidate that God leads you to vote for after much prayer. I appreciate AOP for sharing McCain\'s & Obama\'s positions on important topics, as it really is important for everyone to see the history behind them not just what they claim as we head towards the election. I think that it would do everyone a world of good to check out the other candidates not mentioned by the media and then PRAY! It is our duty as Christians to vote God\'s way, not just for the lesser of two evils. It is not a wasted vote to choose someone besides the top two candidates.....if everyone followed their conscience & God we would really see a change in America. So vote responsibly! God Bless!

CHAVALEH F 09/05/2008 13:55:03

Homeschooling was indeed supported by President Bush only insofar as public education was completely decimated by his administration. As a dedicated Christian, I will vote for the candidate who supports a Christian worldview in reality, not lip service. Good stewardship of our resources, compassion for the sick and the poor, voicing the needs of the oppressed. This year, that candidate is Barack Obama.

CHAVALEH F 09/05/2008 14:00:37

...I need to add, I made a mistake and voted for Bush because I am pro-life. How has anything happened that is life-affirming in the last 8 years? Abortion laws are the same. By the way, a statement such as above that God hates gay marriage? How do you possibly know what God hates? How can you presume? I bless and praise God that he is bigger than this issue, and I pray that any gays searching for the love of Christ somehow avoid the devil-inspired hate spewn on this website. Shame on all of you that call yourselves Christians and yet espouse hatred.

LETICIA P 09/05/2008 15:15:14


PAM H 09/05/2008 15:41:54

May God have mercy on us, His people. \"By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you love one another.\" John 13:35 Thank you, AOP, for your attempts to keep us informed on issues that may affect our ability to homeschool our children. May the Lord bless each of you who are involved in this ministry.

MICHELLE C 09/05/2008 15:49:51

AOP, I appreciate you giving us some other views on the candidates. I don\'t have time to keep up with all the news and by reading this blog I know a little more about each one. As Christians, we all know that Christ\'s return is coming soon and this world is getting worse, so we need to stand together and protect our freedom of homeschooling. When election day comes, we should pray as one unit that God\'s Will be done and that we will keep our freedom. I\'m scared for the children of today and they need us to take a stand against those who want us to return our children to public schools.

STACY L 09/05/2008 16:20:08

Stacy Lee First of all, thank you to AOP for this hellpful information. I haven\'t really paid THAT close attention in the past when it comes to politics. But this time, it\'s different. I have paid closer attention. So thank you for this comparison. NOW, second of all, SHAME SHAME SHAME on those who are just on here to bicker back and forth, and to throw hate around. It saddens me to think that Christian Adults are behaving this way. It\'s so ugly! And before people start pointing the finger at any of the candidates and their running mates, remember, there are 3 fingers pointing back at you. I know who I am voting for. I believe in same-sex marriages, I do not believe in abortions, and so I will be voting for the candidate that has a positive stand on these issues. It just turns my stomach at all the hateful things I am reading. Please take a step back from your computers for awhile and let God do a work in all of your lives and realize that God hates all this bickering back and forth.I think it was responsible for AOP to put this out there. It was supposed to be used as helpful information, not a time of throwing stones at one another.

EILEEN A 09/05/2008 16:36:27

I came here to read up on the candidates’ positions on homeschooling. I thought I had been misdirected because so much of the information seems to be about homosexuality. I just don’t see the relevance to homeschooling.

Bobbie H 09/05/2008 18:11:10

The only reason I can see for being angry with this information is that the candidate of your choice is not in agreement with your own beliefs. Conflict is unsettling in our souls. If that is the case you should be thankful to see the candidates stands on issues written out. Especially since each candidate says the other is not saying where they stand on the issues. Such as , if I were pro-choice, McCain would not be my choice because he stated Life begins at conception and that would bother me; if I were pro-life, Obama\'s stand would be hard for me to swallow especially since he is not only pro-choice but pro-infanticide of aborted children born alive. These things listed are a matter of public record. If you saw the Forum with Rick Warren you would know where the candidates stand on issues that matter to you. If you would like to see it you can go here. I had not decided on a candidate when I saw this, after I knew what I had to do. Choice in Education is a big one in our state (CA) since some judges tried to make it illegal in our state this year. I am watching this closely and I also watch who the NEA supports as well. And Sarah Palin does have a child that is homeschooled. You know all homeschooled kids sin, some sin is just more visible that others but Jesus paid for it just the same. Even when you homeschool your kids and give them all the proper tools, you have to remember, THEY HAVE FREE WILL and they can and do exercise it and sin. God sees no degrees in sin, sin is sin so get over it and repent, hopefully Bristol has. God truly is a God of reconciliation. And Bristol\'s pregnancy and your kid\'s rebellion over his math facts is the same sin to the Lord as is the Pride that goes before a Fall. The same shed blood paid for them. Information is good to have, what you do with it is between you and God and the voting booth.But do not get angry at the facts for that is what they are. And by the way, Change is not a new thing, that was Jimmy Carter\'s slogan and look where that got us! Not all change is good change, just ask the German holocaust surviors. They voted for Hitler\'s change as well not knowing exactly how he would bring it about and at what expense. We educate our children, it is wise to educate ourselves. Seek out more information, not less. Because of Jesus, Bobbie

BRIDGET H 09/05/2008 18:40:49

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ, CITIZENS OF OUR BELOVED REPUBLIC, Wow all of you have such interesting responses! Once again this blog would not be here if homeschooling wasnt the center. What a freedom we have. My husband came from a communist country and got saved after he left CZ. He never got to see the underground church but now he knows the stories. i am so glad we dont have to hide underground physically or with our words. SO let us choose our words and actions wisely with so great a freedom. One i think God is very clear on many issues. Sin being one of them. He spells it out clearly. What surprises me is that as followers of Him, we dont understand! i will be truthful with you. i am afraid to vote for a candidate other than from the two large parties. after the Clinton \"election\", i was horrified that he got in and didnt have the most votes by the american people! i will work hard though in the primaries to get the \"best\" man or women in! i want us all to vote for values. i think that is the message that Alpha Omega is trying to send. Who you vote for is up to you, but remember our forefathers fought for values and rights, not for their pocketbooks to be filled, or for more government control or to choose to \"kill\" life. Obama wants \"change\" and i fear what that change may lead to! i want my next leader to be proud to wear the american flag and hang it up in his office. if Obama promised to change our country back to the way it was in the 1700\'s, wow that would be a statement. but remember everyone its not just the presidential candidate we needed to vote on, its sentators and on down the line. even if we had the best leader, if he/she was surrounded by those who opposed him, he would not get far at all! so vote whenever you can. thank you AOP again for your post. i am having someone research the facts you presented. She thinks that McCain voted \"Nay\" (not in favor) on... 07/14/2004 Federal Marriage Amendment S J Res 40 DOES ANYONE KNOW A GOOD WEBSITE WHERE I CAN GET RELIABLE INFORMATION ON ALL CANDIDATES ON VARIOUS TOPICS? i have went to some websites and they were awful! i think they still had agendas and wonder if candidates were misquoted. Thank you all. i believe if everyone is praying and truly seeking God that we will all be of one mind! and the \"best\" leaders will get into office. Hey one more note! if we all evangelize and every person in this nation bends their knee to our loving savior and Lord, then much will be taken care of. SO SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS. BLESSINGS MY 5 KIDS ARE TUGGING AT MY FEET!

TAMMY F 09/05/2008 20:40:14

1) we are a democratic Republic so yes democracy does have a little something to do with it. We vote for our representatives and for other things but we expect the people we vote for to use common sense and follow the constitution. At least Mcain wants to stop judges from overstepping their job description. 2) for Chavaleh Forgery- Public school was broken long before Bush, Obama does NOT support a BIBLICAL Christian world view (you can slap the name Jesus on a golden calf but that doesn\'t make it the real thing), Obama knows nothing BUT lip service and God himself in his Word calls the ACT of homosexuality an ABOMONATION. 3) For everyone who said we shouldn\'t throw stones then took a few shots at Palin in the same comment, GET A LIFE. Everyone is a sinner! The only difference is that some of us accepted the remedy. That doesn\'t make us perfect it just makes us responsible to respond to our mistakes differently. Palins daughter could have done what who knows how many liberal candidates daughters may have done, she could have had an abortion and kept it secret. 4) If everyone has such a problem with a mother having such a demanding job why is noone attacking Michelle Obama? She had a very demanding job and is campaigning with her husband. For that matter why is noone attacking Obama? His children are young, don\'t they deserve to have there father around more? 5) Without Palin I may not have voted for Mcain. He just wasn\'t conservative enough for me and required a more conservative running mate. That is just a fact. You will never find someone who you agree with 100% until YOU RUN YOURSELF! So if anyone is having such a huge problem with it maybe you should do what Palin did and get on your local PTA and work your way up from there! Or maybe your just jealous? 6) As for the war, my husband is military and so was my father and grandfather and his father and stepfather. Maybe you should ask the men and women who are actually over there. It was our military personell that coined the phrase \"Let\'s leave Iraq.....THROUGH IRAN!\" I, for one, am happy that they have kept the terrorists attention over there and not here. Even Obama had to finally admit that we have done a great job over there. Before the war very few areas had electricty, hospitals and schools. Now 100% have electricity and they have hospitals and schools available to pretty much everyone. So whine and complain all you want but don\'t come crying to me if we aren\'t allowed to finish the job and your family gets killed by terrorists next.

SARA B 09/06/2008 01:50:36

I appreciate all of the comments. It\'s great to live in a country where we are still able to express our opinions freely! I appreciate all of the information that I am able to get about the 2 major candidates and this was presented without bias and very factually. Since i am based in Africa and most of my news comes from the BBC I get very little unbiased news about the candidates. It\'s a shame that people can\'t let different things go and have such short memories. As far as nothing done to limit abortion under Bush... well I guess passing a unprecedented ban on partial birth abortions wasn\'t enough for the previous blogger. And that after it was vetoed twice under Clinton. And as far as the government legislating morality.. well I guess we should take out all of the laws concerning rape, murder, theft etc... Don\'t forget that our founding Fathers were really specific about the fact that our government wouldn\'t work outside of the morals of the Bible. And yes... homosexuality is one of those sins that the Bible warns us against. It\'s not worse than the other sexual sins listed but it is one of them. And as far as why homosexuality has anything to do with homeschooling... we must remember that. I at least, would continue to home school even if I was in the States because of the very liberal agenda being forced to be taught in our public schools. It is totally anti-Christian in it\'s orientation and has the goal to get different life style choices to be accepted by normalizing it before the very young. These different lifestyle choices eat away at the very fabric of family. And anyone who blames Palin for her childs choices forgets about all of the other influences that are affecting the girls decisions. You can be the greatest parent in the world but still free will comes into play. Just tell that to any parent who takes their toddler to a restaurant and expects them to be that perfect angel. I also get disheartened to know how many American\'s have forgotten 9/11! And yes... Iraq has everything to do with the war on terrorism. Go soldiers!!! I for one am 100% behind them! Thanks AOP for your great product! I will continue to buy and be blessed by them. Keep up the good work

ALICIA S 09/06/2008 05:17:48

Way to go!! I love it when people are not afraid to stand for what they believe in! There is too much of hiding behind closed thoughts and not letting the world know the truth! I am voting for McCain, but I had already known that before I read this article! I know that Obama is the WRONG choice, no matter what the topic. I also wanted to say kudos to the woman above, Sarah Born. I agree with you! If people would be more intuned to the facts and not what they hear from our liberal media, they might be more inclined to making a wise decision. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ROBYN B 09/06/2008 07:33:07

I think when we vote we should be aware of where the canidates stand on as many issues as possible. I also think when they campaign they should state their stand on issues and not run the attack ads. People get confused by the ads because in reality they are not completely honest. We need a forum that lets us know where the canidates stand if we are not going to do the research for ourselves. I don\'t take it personally, but it hurts to hear people be critical and blame everything on \"just because you homeschool\". It may be that I homeschool just because of what I believe.

ELAINE B 09/06/2008 08:37:41

AOP didn\'t state \"vote for McCain\" openly but, it inferred it. Neither candidate has been open about their opinions on homeschooling. Neither candidate has shown to really have a christian background. Just because McCain opposes same-sex marriages and birth control it doesn\'t make him the christian man\'s choice. I subscribe to this newsletter for information on education not politics. Please unsubscribe me. Rev. Elaine Brock-Graniela

PAULA C 09/06/2008 09:20:43

Some of you people need to get more of a life than your little boxes that you live in. The Word is black and white. It\'s either God or the devil, good or evil. No one has seemed to mention that the election is actually decided by the electoral college. If you vote for a candidate that is not in the majority your vote will be wasted. Do you not remember the election of 1992 when Ross Perot ran and the so close of election in 2000? Until there is clearly enough people disgusted with our government as we currently know it, it will not change. People generally only take action on an issue that directly affects them. Prayer does change things and God is still on the throne. He still has the authority over who is in office regardless of what we think or our opinions are. Reality is still reality. The next President of the US is going to be McCain or Obama. Grace and mercy be upon all of us. Jesus reigns!

A S 09/06/2008 09:41:02

I understand that some people don\'t want to have their homeschool affiliations try and tell them how to vote - that is why I thought that the coverage of this article was very fair - it simply stated where people stand on some of the issues - and while healthcare, the war, and the economy are also important - why do these things matter more than our children and their education and involvement in a society that has some semblance of morality. If you are offended by this article maybe you should examine that. Many people are saying that, money and ease of healthcare access are more important to you than an unborn childs rights. As far as homeschooling is concerned one party has no opinion the other wants socialized education - check out the laws in California vs the laws in Florida for homeschoolers if you doubt that. If you do vote- and I encourage you to realize that voting is a blessing that God has given you - I hope you will vote for a major party canidate - and influence the world in the way that God would have you do that. PRAY BEFORE YOU VOTE!

STRAIGHTTALK E 09/06/2008 09:41:05

SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN - a few facts AOP left out MARRIAGE: - McCain\'s first wife Carol was in the hospital recovering from a disfiguring auto accident when he met the much younger and prettier Cindy. While still married to Carol, the lady who raised his children while McCain was a POW, McCain began an adulterous relationship with a young girl 17 years his junior. If you vote as AOP would like you to, Cindy McCain will become the first ever \"First Lady\" as a result of an adulterous affair. McCain described his first meeting with Cindy, \"She was lovely, intelligent and charming, 17 years my junior but poised and confident. I monopolized her attention the entire time, taking care to prevent anyone else from intruding on our conversation. When it came time to leave the party, I persuaded her to join me for drinks at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. By the evening\'s end, I was in love.\" FAMILY VALUES: - See Above (family values indeed).

BRIAN N 09/06/2008 09:53:56

I believe we as Americans should educate ourselves on each of the Candidates. Make a decission based upon your own research as we would ask our children to do, after all that is why we homeschool to better educate our families. In closing the more information given by sources we respect the better.

STRAIGHTTALK E 09/06/2008 09:54:37

One last thing, albeit a bit off topic... How can you be PRO-LIFE, and yet support a PRE-EMPTIVE WAR on Iraq where over 90,000 innocent civilians (non-military) have been killed to date (Sept. 6th 2008)? The key word being PRE-EMPTIVE, as in we started it, they did not attack or otherwise do ANYTHING to the USA.

Amy B 09/06/2008 10:24:09

Bless the Lord oh Bless the Lord, Bless His Holy Name! Let\'s just remember our purpose and what we are here for, to be a blessing to the Lord Jesus Christ. He made us for himself, to have a companion. I Let God be God, and we be His people. And he will take care of the rest. Thank you to AOP for keeping up informed.

JANICE R 09/06/2008 11:47:36

I would love to have the luxury of voting for the candidate I truly believe would do the best job. I voted for Ron Paul in the primary (the strongest supporter of our Constitution that I was aware of on the ticket), but he was shunned by the major media (Why you might ask? Because he scared them.) However, it was a supposed \"Christian\", Huckabee, who can claim partial blame for McCain being our candidate, by staying in the race far longer than he should have, thus splitting/weakening the remaining vote in order for McCain to win. Huckabee was not thinking of what is best for this country when he did that. And he had no chance to win either. (That\'s a whole other conversation.) The commenters who believe we still need to vote for the \"Best\" candidate other than the big two are contributing to a victory for the worst candidate of all, and I hope you\'re willing to live with that knowledge for the next four years if the worst candidate wins. This country may very well not survive the next four years as a sovereign nation (thus, there might be no chance for the better candidates to run again). Granted, as Christians, we believe in God\'s sovereign will, and we can say \"God\'s will be done.\" However, to purposely engage in activities that could hasten negative consequences in this country has as much common sense as injecting yourself with cancer cells in order to purposely give yourself a deadly disease so that God may be glorified through it. Any takers on that one? If the worst candidate wins although I voted for his/her opponent, at least I won\'t have a wasted vote on my conscience. But concerning this comment string, it is very encouraging to see dialogue between informed Americans, even though we may disagree on the issues. There is still hope for America!

VENESSA S 09/06/2008 13:14:33

It is plain to see who AOP and majority of these comments are for. I keep wondering though, If Obama would have the views as a Democrate as the ones listed for McCain above. and If McCain would have the views as a Republican as the ones listed for Obama above. Would America vote for him (Obama)? Exactly I think America has a hard time accepting that a man with 1/2 of African heritaage in his blood, could be in the White House. If is funny how the media has tried to belittle this man (Obama) his wife for all and little things. But graciously opened armed Palin. If Obama daughter was seventeen unwed & pregnant, I believe the Media would have had a Field Day with that and say \"How can lead America and can not take care of your own home\" I do not believe in gay marriages, I do not believe in abortions (being I was once a teenage mother) As far as education, I have been homeschooling for 17 years, I have worked in the school system. Do you know still in America, IN America there is still an unbalance in education? One side of town where the upper level families live they have different opportunities then the average income family, was in the area of the lower income. I\'ve seen it first hand. playgrounds, building structures are different. If the Republic Party are so concern in speech about the education, I would like to see them take action, not words in this matter, but action. Louisiana situation showed exactly how the republican Party thinks about the lower income people. How can McCain/Palin be president & vice president of a nation, When they can not relate to the melting pot of America. In saying this \"How Many African-Americans live in Alaska? I\'ve been to Arizonia, and they have a lot left to say in this area. The economy is in the worst shape ever and there got to be a change. I also live on two sides of the enthic line and I think Our america has alot of problems to work out. I\'ve aways said be careful what you do, because the Word of God says \"you reap what you sow\"

TAMMY F 09/06/2008 20:52:35

To Venessa Safford: Where have you been living? I don\'t mean to sound rude but really, where have you been? I can understand if you don\'t watch much TV, I know I\'m ready to turn it off but how on earth can you say the things you did? If Americans aren\'t ready for an even partially black president then why is he so popular? I think America is ready, just not for Obama. I also think we\'re ready for a woman president, just not Hillary. As for Obama being belittled in the media, what planet do you get your reception from? The media practically worship the ground he walks on. He has no executive experience at all and can\'t tell you exactly what kind of change he stands for but the media has an absolute love fest for him. And since when did they greet Palin with open arms? They have even made fun of her Downs Syndrom son! And they DID have a field day about her pregnant daughter! In fact, they still are. In the begining they were trying to say that her infant son really was her daughters. It was like tabloid news took over all forms of media coverage. What have we heard about Obamas family? Can we say...crickets are chirping? They swarmed over the news that Palins\' husband had a DUI 20 years ago but fail to bring up that at the same time Obama was doing crack! (he admitted it) As for our public education being unbalanced I do agree. However, I think we need to look a little more locally for the cause. The next section is me going on a rant so feel free to read it or not because when I get going I usually have to finish:):):) You imply that \"white areas\" do better then \"black areas\". I live in a predominatelly black and hispanic area. The school boards are all black. Part of our local \"entertainment\" is watching the latest schoolboard or City Council meeting gone bad on the news. You may have noticed our mayor is going to jail? (Detroit). The funds for our schools are being funnled into pockets were it doesn\'t belong whille our schools enjoy a 75% drop out rate and less then 25% can read proficiently. Now I am not the only one who makes these observations and I applaud Bill Cosby with what he is trying to do. I wish he would come here. First look to see who is on the boards of your school district and check them out. The federal government isn\'t taking the money your local school officials are. Observe the classrooms. What are they being taught? I can tell you they\'re not being taught how to learn. They\'re being taught how to memorize information they won\'t need later and how to believe what they\'re told by anyone in authority without checking into it al while being drugged to keep them in their seats. Also, despite popular belief, President Bush cannot control the weather and does not have the capability to create and guide hurricans. He did not cause the disaster. Could the federal agencies have done a better job? Yes. But lets not forget that the mayor of New Orleans refused to put out the buses to get people out and the Govenor of Luisianna told Bush \"we just need tents and some food\". Bush had no authority to order her states Guard into action. He would have over stepped his authority and everyone would be complaining about that. Let\'s also not forget all of those who REFUSED to leave! Don\'t tell me they couldn\'t get out. If someone had announced that everyone in New Orleans who could get to North Dakota in three days will receive a million dollars how many people do you think would have been left in that city? Thay would have found a way! The real shame should be on the people who could have left but didn\'t, there by clogging up the rescue efforts for those who needed more help. And when you take into account how many people live in Luisianna who are white and black and do the math, a higher percentage of white people died to black people and you don\'t even hear the Vietnamese immagrants complaining. And whose bright idea was it to build a city BELOW sea level anyway? So please don\'t try to blame the Republican Party for our public education woes or I\'ll be forced to bring up their involvment in the forming of the KKK and how they filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act then voted no on it (Aren\'t you glad the Republicans pushed it through?), How thousands of white republicans were lynched in the south for trying to help black people register to vote or how the Republican party was formed when a group who were against slavery broke off from the Wig party because it was pro slavery, or how Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parent Hood, who the Democratic party LOOOOVEs was a racist who headed the \"negro project\" the goal of which was to sterilize the black race so they couldn\'t propigate and who, in her own words, called black people \"human waste and human weeds.\" (That would be why over 80% of abortion clinics are in predominately minority neighborhoods and why abortion kills more black people then heart disease, violence, accidents and shootings COMBINED). I only say this because I used to identify myself as a Democrat until I started asking questions. And by the way, since the whole blue state/red state thing got started there have been many studdies done in these areas and they have found they Democrates on average make MORE then Replublicans but Republicans give MORE to charities then Democrates. Democrates make up more of the top 1% earners then Republicans and Mcains tax cuts are actually for ALL who pay taxes. So of course if you didn\'t pay taxes you won\'t get a tax cut, duh. It\'s hard to get a feel for how someone is feeling in text so please know I do say this in love and am not yelling and screaming at my comuter screen. I save my eye twitching and spitting for the news hours:):):)LOL

RICHARD B 09/07/2008 04:54:21

I wonder why the fine folks at AOP only included two of the candidates. We don\'t have to choose between the \"two\" parties. Chuck Baldwin and Bob Barr are both better candidates than the McCain and Obama. We need to stop thinking that we need government to change our culture. 2 Chronicles 7:14 is a great place to start!

TONYA W 09/08/2008 14:03:41

I am appalled at the hypocrisy that I am witnessing among so-called Christians. I am a Christian. I take that to mean to act as Jesus did. Jesus did not exclude sinners He taught them and through His teaching He changed them. This idea that you can legalize morality is so far from what Christ did as He walked the earth. How many babies have you saved from being aborted through legislation? I know that through teaching Christ Love I have saved 6. I have also witnessed to homosexuals not judge them. I believe that if we teach the love of God people will be convicted and change but if we display the hate of God nothing will change. The Bible says that God looks at the heart while man looks at the outward. I see Obama’s heart as someone who really believes that he can change things for the better, and yes he is a Christian. I see McCain as a person who will do or say whatever the people want to get elected. I was in the middle before McCain selected Palin as his running mate. This revealed to me his heart. McCain was willing to put this country in the hands of a person who has little to know experience and the fact that the Republican party is trying to spin this as a positive is hypocritical. Palin took her city into debt when it had no debt before her. She has treated people unfairly and had to hire someone to help her because she was making such bad decisions as a mayor. And this person is a heartbeat away from being president of the U.S. No, Palin can’t change what her daughter has done but she should recognize the season that she is in. Her family needs her attention. Our teens are being told that Palin’s daughter’s situation is acceptable because “they love each other and plan to get married”. So, if you love someone and plan to marry them then it is O.K. to have premarital sex? Palin has been described by people from her home town as Sarah Barracuda. She’s a power hungry woman who will put her children on the line to further her own ambitions. The Republicans use to frown on this but now it is acceptable when it’s them. Although I voted for Bush I will now vote for Obama, I am looking at his heart. Let us act like Christians and not just talk like Christians. Jesus sat with and ate with those the religious people of his time considered sinners while religious leaders criticized them and him. Who are you most like?

TONYA W 09/08/2008 14:11:45

You can spin anything to read the way you want it to. This information provided by AOP is clearly slanted towards McCain. Please do not insult my inteligence and act as if this is anything different. It is not just facts it is information written to sway people towards McCain. All of the responses so far prove this. I am capable of researching the candidates independently and I have. I believe that we serve a sovereign God and his will will be done in the end.

MICHELLE H 09/08/2008 16:15:04

I must address Chavaleh Forgey......How do we know what God hates??? Read HIS WORD!! He makes it very clear what He hates! Homosexuality is an ABOMINATION to Him, it clearly states this in the Bible! There has been no \"hatred spewed\" in these responses. NOT ONE person said anything about hating anyone who is homosexual! They merely stated TRUTH. God loves homosexuals just as much as loves anyone else. However, He does NOT love the lifestyle they have chosen. It is sin, plain and simple, just like lying is a sin. There is no big or little sin in God\'s eyes. As for supporting the candidate who promotes a Christian worldview, you need to research just a little more. Barack Obama stands in opposition to everything we as believers in Christ need to stand for. I believe there is evil lurking and God\'s people need to pray for wisdom and mercy.

MRS G 09/09/2008 13:35:35

Where is the LOVE people!?!! I too would like to commend AOP, not just for the information they provided here, but also for how they presented it--just divisive enough to set the bait, but vague enough to steer clear of accusations that they are endorsing one candidate or the other. I find it somewhat suspicious though, that a debate about where candidates stand on the issue of homeschooling was preceded with where they stood on gay marriage and abortion. Hats off to AOP, mission accomplished. It appears that a lot the the readers here already had their minds made up about the election before participating in this discussion, and others needed only a \"valid?\" excuse to vote their fears over their interests--to not vote for Obama. However, I warn those few semi-objective readers not to take the \"facts\" listed here as the gospel truth. Do your own research. Barack Obama is for school choice. He is not against home-schooling. His goal for the education system is to make it fair for children who, by no fault of their own, do not have a parent who can afford to stay home to teach them, or who can not afford private educations, or who don\'t have access to charter schools. Barack Obama knows, has taught, and believes in the Constitution of the United States of America, and it is on that foundation that he builds his policies. What you want to do with your kids, your body, your money, your life (and who you want to do those things with for that matter) is not anybody else\'s business unless you\'re going to hurt other people in the process. It\'s called CHOICE, and it should not be limited to the rich and connected. I am baffled by all the self-proclaimed \"Christians\" who cling to anything in the bible that they can find that will promulgate division and hatred among people. They throw their \"values\" around like lassos waiting to form a noose around the neck of all whose interpretations of what is \"right\" don\'t match up to their own ideas. I, for one, am a Christian who prefers not to transpose my opinions about how scripture should be interpreted with my ideas about how the country should be governed. I understand, after all, that not everyone (even those who profess to believe the same as I do) will share the same beliefs, and it is therefore inappropriate to force others to share my religious convictions. Our forefathers saw this coming I suppose, which is why they insisted upon separating matters of church from those of the state. All of the \"laws\" that Christians want to impose when it is convenient were summed up in one by the One they claim to follow, and that is to LOVE one another. With this we are also warned not to judge, lest our own misdeeds be brought to the fore. Were you called to hate others? To be so fearful? To cause for another person pain or injustice by using your voice in the majority as a way to make their lives a living hell; all for the cause of supposedly saving them from another hell? Let me guess, it is your love for humanity that causes you to hate certain human beings, right? WRONG!!! I\'ll guess again, you don\'t \"hate\" them, you just feel like it\'s your duty to \"save\" them whether they like it or not.

BRIDGET H 09/11/2008 22:08:57

we dont have to judge, God already has and states it in His Word, how we will be judged. When we state what is wrong, we are just telling everyone what the Father says. HE is the judge and we are just letting you know what the Judge says you are guilty of!!!!! i can hate stealing, hate homeschooling (which i dont), hate my moms cooking, does that mean, i hate theives, hate homeschoolers and hate my mom!!!! NO NO i hate the action but still love the people!!!! i want my vote to count for the best choice out there not the perfect choice. he who is without sin cast that first stone!!!! i dont want a replay of the clinton/bush election. Vote for morals or there will be no foundation! any one heard of a good website i can share with my kids that shows where the candidates stand on most issues? thanks AOP for starting this blog haha Lover of people, hater of sin, glad Jesus throws out my sin when i confess!

BRIDGET H 09/11/2008 22:27:36

oh and let it be known, i am for LIFE not CHOICE. Jesus said i am the way the truth and the life. there is a way that seems right to man but the Lord knows his heart. i just follow what God says PERIOD. thats life aboundant. Disobeying God is not a choice for me cause i LOVE Him. i love others because of Him. Obama wants more government control. Do you honestly think a man who\'s wife was not proud to be an american until her husband runs, will care about what america is truly all about! i dont believe he cares about people and their individual rights. he is just saying whatever will get him in office. his closest friends have been quoted saying that they hate america cause basically their white. Racism at its best. Obama may be alright on a few issues, but that doesnt make him fit for head office. Where does character come in and love for our country. Even the other democrats accused him of lying aobut where he stands on issues. i dont trust his loyalty to our country. i am truly happy about the war in iraq. (very sadden by the loss of lives). no body mentions all the citizens there that lived in fear of terrorist or how many citizens lost their lives to these terrorist groups-killing their own people! women had no value. now because of our soldiers, they have freedoms and schooling and water. it still has a long way to go but so much is better. maybe one day we will hear the media broadcast all the stories of how USA and other countries rescued them from fear and terror! many soldiers have told the success stories. God please still bless America! i homeschool for the very reason of not wanting my children brainwashed by \"no absolutes\" people. i want them to work hard, learn hard and use their brains the way our Creator intended. Called to hate sin! bye

BRIDGET H 09/11/2008 22:35:53

tammy foster really loved what you wrote. ditto!!!!

ALAN H 10/07/2008 12:47:42

I could not believe some of the comments I have read on here. I think that we are ready for a black president, a woman president, an anything president, but the fact is this is a website about homeschooling our children. Whatever your reason for doing it, we all believe in it, and the public school teachers do not. I do not think you can vote for someone just based on what was stated here , (there are other issues besides homeschool)but , it is nice to know where things stand. Saying vote for someone who is not Republican or Democrat is nice but in truth Obama or McCain will win. You just have to figure out what suits you best. I am a McCain supporter but I am not trying to tell anyone else who to vote for. I think people need to get off their moral high horses and understand that everyone makes mistakes. Both canidates have. P.S. Tammy Foster you are my hero.

D F 10/11/2008 19:09:45

I for one more appreciate ya\'ll for enlighting us on the issues and how the record reads for the candidates. It is this kind of information all voters need to know. Not many of us have the time or sources to get this vital information when casting a vote. I see plainly you are not using this as a political forum, but you are informing us of the real decisive information we need as voters, and I can\'t express this point enough. People need to wake up and realize that if we want to keep the few rights that we have and that are so important to us as we\'ve been accustomed to being free for a long time now (all of our lives), then we had better start finding out just who we are voting into office and how their personal issues effect America as a whole, and our freedoms. I\'ve been homeschooling my children for years, mostly through Alpha Omega Publications. My first child 3rd-7th grade. He decided to go back to public school to play football for the 8th grade. He went on to graduate high in his class, and is currently in the Air Force. He is working on a degree, and so is his wife. They would like to homeschool their children. He is a happily married man with 2 children. Thank You Alpha Omega Publications. And I thank God. I believe this country was founded on a belief in God and that the constitution\'s meanings have been changed grotesquely by definition, and that if more people were informed of their political leaders stand on issues that we wouldn\'t have the mess on our hands that we have now. I am just about to wrap up the Jr and Sr. years of my other two children, who have been homeschooled all of their lives. They are very mature, nice and outgoing young adults. They are both planning to attend college to futher their education and to obtain a career. Thanks again Alpha Omega Publications. Thanks again to God! I only wish more people could see how manipulative our system has become and including our public school system, which is funded by and commanded by our government (just in case you\'ve forgotten) Thanks to each of you for taking the time to read what I have in mind when talk of taking our rights away- like the choice to homeschool which to me is a very wise choice in this day-in-time. It is my prayer that we can continue as a sound country with the freedoms we are accustomed to and possibly get a few freedoms back that we\'ve lost along the way due to our lack of knowledge about whom we were voting into office. Amen D

LAURA R 11/02/2008 00:12:56

Little by little our freedoms have been taken from us. We are not free to leave our doors unlocked when we go to church as they did in the past. We might get robbed. We can\'t carry a gun in the open as they did in the past, they used to use guns to protect themselves from wild animals or whatnot. Now we need them more than ever to protect ourselves from wild people who might get a thrill from trying to kill us or hurt us. But we really don\'t have the right to protect ourselves from these people, because in most cases the GOVERNMENT will protect the criminal. I have heard so much about the abortion issue that it makes me mad. ONLY because it is a convinience for those who want to play around and don\'t want the responibility of a child. As for rapes and incest situations, if people were punished severily for rape and incest crimes they would be so minimal, abortions would not be nessassary. When people talk about Sarah Palin\'s daughter and Sarah\'s role as a mother, it makes me sick. Being a mother plays a good role in how our children will turn out but, Look at our society. Look at the stuff on t.v. When did it become okay for people on be sexually active with EVERYbody when did it become okay fo gays to have roles on t.v. when did it become okay for teenagers on t.v. to be sexually active. Don\'t blame Sarah Palin BLAME yourself for not having enough shame and allowing this stuff to be on the air and in the store and on the radio. We are all guilty for Sarah Palin\'s daughter being pregnant and for everyother young woman who has become pregnant. Even though we did not get them pregnant we allowed it to happen because we don\'t prevent it from getting into our homes. It takes a village to raise a child. Has any of us said, \"Hey God what do you want for this country?\" \"Do I need to get ready for a battle for you? Prepare me Lord?\" From what I have seen written here this is not of God. We are to be still. Whatever is said is just fuel to the fire. We need to be ready for the battle. Whatever they may be. Does God not say in his word that we are not to be troubled. Who cares if homeschooling is going to be questioned is\'nt God bigger? Yes we need to be informed about the issues and where the candidates stand, but we are not to worry. Does any of us support what is of God? NOT MANY. Do you open your Bibles first thing in the morning? Do you pray to God, Thank him for your freedoms or are you one of the Isrealites crying because you have no food and have not thanked Him for the GREAT things he has already done. He gave us a great country he has given us great leaders and yet we still spit on him. We still tell him it is not enough. What does he have to do to get just an I LOVE YOU LORD AND I GIVE YOU MY LIFE AND THANK YOU FOR THE ROOF OVER MY HEAD, CLOTHES, FOOD. God already gave us his son and We nailed him to the cross. What more does he need to give. Look at what he gave the Isrealites. Look what he gave Noah and his family after the flood. Look at what Peter did to his son. We are no different. The way we are being about this election ,would we be okay with our children doing this, acting like this? He asks us to do two things. 1)Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind. 2)Love your neighbor as yourself. If we will do this God will direct our paths. Pray that your hearts are at peace before you go to the poles and pray that GoD\'s will be done not ours, HIS. AND Pray for the people in other countries who do not have the freedom to pray. There are alot of people crying out for God\'s help, crying out for a roof over their heads, clothes, a little more rice, a place to belong, a school to learn in, a mother and father who will not hurt them.

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