The Homeschooling Fight

"I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith" (2 Timothy 4:7).

Christian education is a spiritual battle that must be fought by every homeschooling parent. The desire to see our children raised according to the standards of God's Word requires more than wishful thinking. We must ever be alert to Satan's schemes and the world's ways that try to suck our children into the mainstream of ungodly learning. We must be willing to risk popularity and acceptance to lead our children down an educational path that declares God is at the center of all things and the beginning of all creation. Most of all, we must declare our own love for Christ and be willing to crucify the flesh and its selfish desires in order to win our children's hearts to the Lord.

The great men and women of faith mentioned in Hebrews 11 are listed as our inspiration to hold fast to God's truths. Like Abraham, we must be willing to follow the Lord wherever He leads. Like Moses, we must be willing to give up the pleasures of life to serve a higher purpose. Like Rahab, we must have faith to believe what the Lord says is true. Like Noah, we must face opposition daily, even if it takes years to complete the task God has given. Like countless others who never saw the results of their faith, we must cling courageously to the future promise that God will bless the work of our hands in the lives of generations to come (Psalm 112:2).

Are you feeling the temptation to give up on homeschooling? Sending your children to public school next fall may seem appealing, but it's simply taking the easy way out. If the Lord has led you to teach your children, pray for the courage and wisdom you need to stand firm and fight. Raising your children in the Lord is as much a spiritual battle as resisting temptations for yourself. Don't give in to the lies and harassment of those around you. Fight for the hearts and minds of your children and the work God can do through their lives in winning countless souls to Christ.

Lord, renew Your passion within me today to homeschool and teach my children Your truths. Guide us as we prepare for schooling in the fall and show me how to hold fast when taking an easier road seems much more appealing. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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GALADRIEL L 07/03/2009 05:27:40

That is exactly what I needed to hear at exactly the right moment. Thanks.

CAMERA R 07/03/2010 14:02:29

I needed to hear this today. I am new to this and just started to work with my 2 children last week. (Kinder & First Grade) I have been questioning whether or not this feeling of "needing to homeschool" is from God or my controlling nature. Then today, looking at finances, and thinking back to what my mom (single) had or rather did not have as I was growing up I realized I have been blessed to taste the physical riches of this world, having come from a corporate world setting. Now, one income, making some financial changes has shown me my heart in the way of maybe God wanting me to crucify some things of my flesh. I could write on but just to say, thank you - I believe God wanted me to see this today - it made me cry, just knowing that God knows, he knows all and His grace is sufficient...

RACHELLE F 07/07/2010 17:12:15

Thanks. The fight is real we just forget the spiritual battle is always going on but God is bigger than all. Staying close to HIM daily and in HIS Word is the key to freedom.


PATTI C 07/03/2011 03:58:52

Thank you for your straight-forward messages. I appreciate that you don't water down your message. In this way many hearts are reached and touched.

LAURA G 07/03/2011 04:44:57

The part about the public school being the easy way out is so true. I referred to it recently as the "low-road". It was the one i took last year for our 2 boys after 10 years of schooling at home and 4 years in Christian school. i feel like this year we are back on track with all of them at home and all Christian Curriculum. God is always faithful though to use even our not so great choices to accomplish what He wills in both us and our kids. For that reason i appreciated this encouragement this morning to put my heart ans sole back into the the hard work of schooling at home again!

CINDY B 07/03/2011 05:52:05

As my youngest child leaves for college in the fall, I've had many days of reflection over the last couple of years. For my oldest, his first day of school was not kindergarten, but last year as a college freshman; this will be true for my youngest son as well.

After watching the spiritual battles that all children must face as they look toward adulthood, I have never been so happy for the foundation they acquired through homeschooling. When they leave (even at a small Christian college), their faith is challenged every moment. Their foundation is cracked and has potholes from time to time, but remains strong because it is much thicker than the others who are there. Also when he came home he was able to do "patchwork" because of his strong relationship with his family that was built through a lifetime of being together.

I always appreciated homeschooling ( even through the trying days of being on my 5th Algebra curriculum because he just didn't get it). However, I never appreciated it as much as I do now that it's finished. Keep the faith, and fight the good fight- all the battles are worth it in the end, when you can look the Lord in the eyes and say that you did the very best you could in raising your children regardless of the choices they make in the future.

KATIE B 07/03/2011 06:55:27

How timely is this?! Our family is being tempted SO badly right now----to quit homeschooling, to give up. There are NO other homeschooling high schoolers here, and all of the kids drink, do drugs and engage in promiscuity. These are not our standards, but trying to live God's will here, especially homeschooling, is so tough we are feeling like giving up and hoping or the best as our kids join the culture. Seriously. We want to move desperately----but the economy has taken away any leverage for us to do that and we feel stuck and abandoned by God. I want to continue homeschooling----I want to stand up to this culture. But without a community that cares about keeping kids pure through high school, without a Church community that cares----and without the money to's a battle. Thank you for this email and message. I am going to print it to share with my lonely teens.

HOLLIE H 07/03/2011 08:59:13

Thank you so much for this encouragement!

The temptation to quit is so strong and I am so weak.

It refreshes me to know that I'm not alone and challenges me to keep pressing onward. I sometimes feel like everyone else who is homeschooling is just so much better than me and wonder how my poor children will ever turn out with a mother like this. But, you remind me that God is perfect and as long as He is the focus of our lives, we cannot fail.

MARGARET H 07/03/2011 09:04:33

Katie, some may frown on what I am about to say but when we have financial struggles it is difficult. Look up k12 and Connections Academy. These are private but also used for public online education. These are completely tuition free public schools. You can choose your own bible teaching and use these tuition free schools for home.

NIKI R 07/03/2011 11:53:45

Thanks moms and per chance there might have been a dad or two that posted. The encouragement from AOP was great, inspiring and encouraging however, so were the comments shared by all of you who commented. We often think that we are alone in our struggles and short comings in home schooling, but thank God our Father that we are never alone. We can always learn from those who have travelled the road before us but if per chance we can't find one along our path to fulfilling the destiny that we have been called to, HE is always there. I have had to make the decision to homeschool through high school recently and it was not easy I found myself wavering a bit in my decision. After this post I will waver no more!

I choose to follow the more excellent way that my Lord has called me to.

RENE O 07/03/2011 21:26:03

Dear Katie, and all who wonder if God has abandoned them,

In church today our youth pastor spoke about faith. Faith, of course is believing in what we do not see and being convinced of what we hope for, Hebrews 11:1, but he brought up a very good point. There is no such thing as faith if we get what we're promised at the time of the promise. All gifts come through faith, not of ourselves, it is a gift from God. We don't want to be the one of little faith, we want our faith to be big, but how do we grow that faith! Faith is what happens in the "in between time." The time in between the promise and the actualization of the promise. All of the great examples of people of faith in the Bible went through a period of time from the time of the promise to the time of it's actualization. Joseph, Abraham, David, even Jesus went through an "in between time" of testing. Remember, that right after God said, "This is my son in whom I am well pleased." Jesus was sent out to the wilderness to go through a period of testing and refining. JESUS!!! Even Jesus, who was perfect and blameless, and he was tested on exactly what the promise of God was. Check out what the Bible says Satan tempted Jesus with. Another great example is Joseph. He had a dream that he would be put in a position of leadership and his whole family would bow down to him. Shortly thereafter, he's sold into slavery and whisked away to Egypt...but he still trusted in God. Joseph was thrown in jail because he did follow God and did not falter even when tempted by his master's wife. He could have very easily just given her what she wanted and no one may have ever found out, but he did not want to sin against God..consequently, he was thrown in jail for quite a while...and still while in jail he holds himself on the promises of God and His faithfulness...even asking the cook and the cup bearer why they are so distressed. (uh, don't you realize we're in jail here, Joseph???) He interprets their dreams, again giving credit for this ability to God. One, as Joseph disclosed, lost his life, but the other was freed, reinstated and then went out and forgot all about Joseph for a few years! Joseph was in jail for a long time and those jails were terrible. Why, even just 5 minutes before the jailor came and released him to get ready to see the Pharaoh it was just another rotten day in the dungeon. The point about that is that you never know when God will come in, when your time of refinement will be over. He continued to trust and follow God and to stand on the promise that God had given him. Another great example is Abram/Abraham. Abram was given a new name, Abraham, meaning the father of many nations, and went around with this new name when he was childless, nearly 100...He was old and Sarah was not only OLD but also barren. He, too, held onto the promise that God had given him, despite what he could see. He must have looked pretty senile to the rest of the world when he would tell them to call him Abraham: the "Father of Many Nations" at his age without any kids, but the Bible gives him so much credit, because he knew who God was well enough to realize that God is Faithful, God is able, and God is willing. God is not up in heaven wringing his hands trying to figure out how to help you in your situation. We must not forget who God is. God is big enough and is our loving father. He knows exactly what he is doing and will lift you up in his season. We also have promises from God. When you are struggling with a difficult time in your life, look for a promise from him to stand on. These promises are found in the Bible. Find a Scripture that you know applies to your situation and hold fast, not forgetting who God is and how faithful he is. Rejoice, because God hasn't forgotten you, God hasn't abandoned you, God is a loving Father, who loves you, teaches you, holds on to you and will catch you when you fall. When the time seems dark, stay in his word and pray that word. The Bible tells us that hope does not disappoint. Rejoice, you are just in the "in between time" make good use of this time. Trust that God is who He says He is and your faith will be reckoned to you in the same way it was for Abraham. It will be reckoned as righteousness, while we all the while are already made righteous by the gift of our Savior, Jesus Christ. What ever route you take, never doubt God's faithfulness. He will never leave you, or abandon you as orphans in a storm, he will come to you. Begin by praising Him and who he is, you will feel a peace as you relax into his holy presence. May God bless you. ... It was a really good message today! Hope this encourages you.

SANDRA G 07/04/2011 06:01:43

Sandy G

Dear Katie B...I feel your pain & fear... God will make a way where there seems to be no way! II don't know where you live but I never realized how blessed I am to live in a community that supports homeschooling. I just wanted you to know I am praying for you! I agree with Margaret & the k12 connections academy, it may help financially & you could weed out things you disagree about. Dear Rene O, what an encouraging word! I have not felt discouraged lately but I pray your encouragement helps those who are! I have homeschooled on & off for years. God had a work to do in me. I needed to learn to be consistant & disciplined in my own life. I now wish I would not have given up. The public school system took a toll on my chldren. My oldest is 27, my youngest now 9. God spoke into me to homeschool last year, I was working full time in was tough! Almost impossible. But God made a way to allow me to go from full time to only working 1 day & 1 evening this coming year! After meeting a young man who had been homeschooled all his life & then going to a homeschool convention it gave me the courage to not put my children back in the public school system. I am excited to once again homeschool only this time it will be until my 9 year old graduates! Thanks for your encouragement! This speaks to other areas of my life more than the area of homeschooling!

ANGIE W 07/04/2011 07:37:35

Thank you Rene. You have been such a blessing. I have felt so alone lately. My husband and I, plus our four children, just moved in May back to his hometown, which is only 30 minutes from where we lived, BUT I made that our home for 9 1/2 yrs. He has all his family right there, the kids do love it, there are alot of good things, don't get me wrong. The hurt in my heart is coming from a time in my life when I was 14, when we had to pick up and move four hours away. Pulling me from the only home I ever knew, plus all of my family. I never really adjusted, never felt like home. Until 9 yrs. ago when my husband and I bought our first home, had our third and fourth child there, I felt like I had found home again. May sound silly. I'm 38 now, having to move, feeling like that 14 yr. old again, like I've been pulled from my home once again. On top of that, we start homeschooling this fall, very excited about that. Feel like this is what I'm supposed to do. Kind of nervous about it, but I know I can do this. Then there are things that come along and make you doubt or question if your decision is right. My husbands parents own a small town business, wanting us to eventually take over. Let my husband know I don't feel like I could work mornings then start homeschooling 4 children. Don't know how I would fit everything in. I just told him we made the decision to homeschool already and that when the time comes, God will send people our way to help. I feel if its Gods will, he won't leave us stranded. Just felt like I had to get this off my chest, don't have anyone to talk to, just thought maybe it would help. Look forward to these daily focuses. There such a blessing, more than anyone knows. So thank you and God Bless.

CARL V 07/05/2011 07:51:27


You may want to look into Alpha Omega Academy for your homeschooling as well. Try this link:

Hope this helps!

PEGGY L 07/07/2011 16:20:25

What if my spouse is worried about accreditation? Our youngest failed 3 core subjects in 9th gr & got into trouble with the law 3 times at the end of the year; we don't know how we are going to manage all the fines. Summer school at home thru the public isn't working so well with Scout camp & there's nothing in August so want to get 2 SOS programs used. . .holding off to get the 1st question answered. He is very much a product of public schools - all but 3 years & a fall I tried homeschooling a few months. Have another a yr ahead & neither seem to believe in God, try to get out of going to church. You don't want to go there.

SARA C 07/03/2012 06:34:12

I agree that we must guard our rights to "homeschool" our children and not grow weary in the fight, but I believe we need to stop segregating ourselves from the rest of the educational systems. I believe the term "parent directed education" is a better explanation of what I've done, am doing and will do in the future. Each individual school is only as good as the parents that are involved; be it public, private or home. We need to educate our children the way God is calling us to, but we also need to educate other parents that public or private schools are not responsible for educating their children; THEY are. God gave them their children and they need to take the responsibility of education seriously, just as they take the responsiblity for feeding, clothing and sheltering them. It's not an easy task and there is a lot more sacrificing of self to see that my children are educated in the ways of the Lord but I know the outcome is going to be great and I will hear Him say to me "Well done, good and faithful servant." I cannot change the nation's public schools, but I can change my local ones by praying and being invloved in some way, whether through the arts or sports or outreach events the churches may hold. I can change it by my influence as God calls me into the arena to take back my community for HIm.

CHERYL P 07/03/2012 06:35:24

This message is specifically to Camera R. I hope that you come back and read this post. I know where you are at. Three years ago I left a six figure job and we went to one income. I have 4 children ages 7 and younger and I am now pregnant with my 5th child. I was overwhelmed 3 years ago and missed my "life" in corporate America and all of the things I thought were important. God really worked on my heart and I wouldn't trade in my life right now for anything in the world. Turn to the Lord and don't give up.

CHERYL P 07/03/2012 06:40:07

Katie B. Stay strong. You are doing the right thing. Remember Deuteronomy 6:4-7. And there is a book that really helped me and my husband get the vision to focus on our children's hearts and ignoring the world's standards. It's called "Keeping Our Children's Hearts" by Steve and Teri Maxwell. Maybe this will help. The book has a lot of good info. and backs up everything to God's Word. You can get it on their site at for $12.

SHANNON W 07/03/2012 06:45:48

Kate B

You are not alone. I also homeschool my highschooler 10th grade now (previously private school through 5th) and it is hard when she hears from some of here non homeschool friends from church what they are doing or where they are going. However she is also thankful that some of those things she hears about she doesn't have to deal with in her life. We sought out things for her age group to do and found a class that teaches science once a month for her age group at our local aquarium. She enjoys it and she is around others her age who are homeschooled. It is lonely sometimes but we try and make the best out of our days by going outside and on our own field trips when it's possible. Just hang in there and know that you are not alone.

KATHY S 07/03/2012 08:02:54

As Christians we are supposed to be \"set apart\" from wordly things,or the world, or so it says somewhere in the Bible. (I\'m not good at Bible quotes, I apologize)

We have no interaction with other homeschoolers, I wouldn\'t even know where to begin.

My son has a few good friends from childhood he associates with, that\'s it. I always tell him 1 o2 really good friends are better than a bunch of no so \"real\" friends.

I don\'t believe, (aside from a miracle) that he will ever reach out or respond to new friendships with any new children, not even from our beloved church.

Public School destroyed his faith in other kids and their ability to be decent. Fear consumes him.


I feel badly for you that you don\'t have access to just some decent children for your children to interact with. Pray that God will send you the right people to spend that time with you and your children, and I\'ll pray that too (it looks like you may have a few others praying for you as well!!)

Our society has gotten so bad, that it is difficult to find other children to be with that revere our Lord Jesus, and try to follow and act as Jesus would like then too. I truly am sorry for your situation.

Sara C.

in a sense you are right, we are supposed to minister to others, especially non christians, as that is what Jesus would like us to do.

Our church reaches out to the Public schools in our district all the time. I pray for them and wish them well, but, as my son was abused so badly at one of those schools that our church is helping, I cannot personally be involved, except to pray for them.

But good for you, perhaps your efforts and the effeorts of others can make a difference. Maybe the showing of kindness and God\'s love will \"save\" some of the children and make our worls a little better. I guess it has to start somewhere.

We love Homeschooling, and will continue until College age, I pray that God continue to give me the strength, health and wisdom to continue teaching my wonderful son.

Thank you Jesus for this devotional, and all those who wrote in and make it even more special. Amen.

JENNIFER S 07/03/2012 18:52:14

I needed this. Thank You.

KIMBERLY L 07/03/2012 20:03:26

The Lord works in mysterious ways!!!!!! I\'ve thinking all day about my decision to put my daughter back in public school this fall--- I took her out at her request butnow she wants to go back to make friends. I feel strongly that God allowed me to be able to homeschool my two children, guess I just needed a little guidance to make up my mind.

LAURA B 07/05/2012 17:21:13

I am an advocate for homeschooling and not giving in. I have always home-schooled my children. God calls us to persevere and to be faithful in raising our children. But we must be careful in calling other kinds of schooling \"low roads\" which implicates that only home schooling is the \"high road.\" To suggest that one kind of schooling is more biblical than the other is legalistic. God will commend us for our faithfulness towards our children in whatever context we educate them. In short, God does not smile down on us more for homeschooling but calls us his own because of Jesus\' redemptive work on the cross on our behalf. So let\'s be faithful to raise our kids for God\'s glory and go in faith to school in the way our husband\'s lead us to (or if you are single in the way God leads you to). God will not condemn you if you have to choose another type of education. Happy homeschooling to all of those who have chosen to do so! I am already starting up this summer and am aware of my need of God\'s grace and favor as I pour into my children.

TAMMY JOHNSON 07/03/2013 13:25:16

I have enjoyed these daily encouragements as we homeschooled our two middle-schoolers this year. And I will continue to enjoy them next year as we homeschool again. However, just as many people have "assumptions" and prejudices against homeschool, those who homeschool make the same "assumptions" and prejudices in the opposite direction.

Our children have ALWAYS received the education God wanted them to have. We have prayed for wisdom and guidance from the very beginning. I have wanted to homeschool from the very beginning, but that wasn't God's plan. Until last year, every year when my husband and I sought the Lord for his wisdom and will, it was public school. Granted, we live in a small town and the children attended the school my husband taught at before leaving teaching and going into the ministry. But they received a wonderful public education and my daughter was able to get special education that was top quality from an educator that loved her and cared about her. Her success today could not have been as it is without that public education and I now see why God kept telling me "no" to homeschooling.

Based on the article today, during all those years in elementary school my children were not being trained up in the Lord. It also makes the assumption that it was the "easy" choice. I completely disagree. Our task IS to train our children up in the Lord. While we homeschooled last year, that was MUCH easier to do with all the extra hours, but we still did it when we had less hours a day with them. We talked openly about all they were learning and hearing and we would read the scripture to see what God said about things. If they had a question, we would again check our verses and see what God had to say in answer. We did devotions, we prayed, we attended church clubs, etc. And our children were lights in the school. Both my children's teachers would comment about their boldness in their faith and how there was no question about it. They would tell kids about God and creation and prayer and have no apologies about it. That never changed all through their public schooling. My son even had a friend that claimed he was an atheist. We prayed for him all the time and my son had many deep discussions with him. My son even gave him a Bible. Even in my daughter's first year of middle-school in the public school she would tell her friends how serious it was to use God's name in vain. There was nothing "easy" about doing our task as parents while were sending them to school for those few hours a day. At times it actually meant extra work for us to be diligent and make sure we knew what our children were learning and facing and then making sure we were giving our children the truth and tools they needed to keep God as their center.

The easy part was that during those 7 hours a day they were in school I was leading Bible studies, discipling young moms one-on-one, and doing my household chores so that when the kids were home, I had time for just them and me. Now that I homeschool, I am in NO Bible studies other than Sunday School and our home is NEVER clean. I am still discipling a young woman, but this time she is my daughter. :)

We will continue to bring our children before the Lord EVERY year and ask him his will. I was so excited when he finally said "yes" to homeschooling! And I am SO glad it was God-directed and not selfish-Mommy-directed. Without God's leading there are so many pitfalls even in homeschooling. Our sinful nature can get the best of us no matter where we are or what we choose to do. The bottom line is being in the center of GOD'S will, whatever that may be, and being gracious to ALL people and encouraging them to seek GOD and not just a certain way or method. God isn't just in homeschool and it isn't just homeschool families that are seeking God to lead them as they train up their children in him.

KATHY HENDERSON 07/08/2013 13:16:06

Katie B. Look into They may have a homeschool community near you.

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