The Most Must-Have Christmas Foods

When it comes to holidays, our human tendency is to relate the event to food, and Christmas is definitely no exception with the smells of everything from baked goods to meats wafting through the air of our homes. Yet, what are the most popular Christmas food items in your part of the country? Tess Koman, Senior Editor of Delish, recently dared to name the most iconic Christmas dish in all 50 states.

Whether you agree with her or not, be sure to share the Christmas foods that are a must-have in your homeschool!

Alabama – Crescent Recipes

Alaska – Prime Rib

Arizona – Flan

Arkansas – Pecan Pie

California – Stuffing

Colorado – Ensalada de Manzana

Connecticut – Turkey

Delaware – Gingerbread Cookies

Florida – Cranberry Sauce

Georgia – Green Bean Casserole

Hawaii – Kalua Pork

Idaho – Prime Rib

Illinois – Hot Chocolate

Indiana – Sweet Potato Casserole

Iowa – Apple Cake

Kansas – Mashed Potatoes

Kentucky – Bread Pudding

Louisiana – Gumbo

Maine – Rib Roast

Maryland – Crab Cakes

Massachusetts – Cranberry Sauce

Michigan – Sugar Cookies

Minnesota – Christmas Cookies

Mississippi – Pecan Pie

Missouri – Butter Cake

Montana – Ribeye

Nebraska – Steak

Nevada – Beef Stew

New Hampshire – Pumpkin Pie

New Jersey – Fish

New Mexico – Tamales

New York – Gingerbread Cookies

North Carolina – Christmas Dressing

North Dakota – Lefse

Ohio – Lasagna

Oklahoma – Cinnamon Rolls

Oregon – Turkey

Pennsylvania – Goose

Rhode Island – Apple Pie

South Carolina – Pecan Pie

South Dakota – Ham

Tennessee – Sweet Potatoes

Texas – Deep-Fried Turkey

Utah – Green Bean Casserole

Vermont – Pancakes with Maple Syrup

Virginia – Mince Pies

Washington – Mulled Wine

West Virginia – Seafood

Wisconsin – Cookies

Wyoming – Meat

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