This One Thing Needs to Be a Priority in Your Home

As a homeschooler, you’re well aware that educating your child is a noble yet difficult task. Thankfully, one of the biggest challenges of teaching the next generation can be conquered simply be limiting your child’s screen time outside the classroom.

This is especially true for teenagers, of whom 50% admit to being addicted to their devices.

“Much of high school learning takes place through homework, independent reading, and extracurricular experiences like clubs, sports teams, volunteering, and interning,” wrote Eva Moskowitz, the founder of Success Academy Charter Schools located in Manhattan’s financial district. “When kids have on-demand access to 24-hour entertainment without even leaving their beds, however, their motivation to engage in more valuable activities plummets.”

According to Moskowitz, curbing screen addiction needs to be a priority in every home, but it’s especially critical advice for low- and middle-income parents whose children average spending two hours more on screens per day than students affluent backgrounds.

Of course, the best way to teach your kids good habits is by being a technology role model who conscientiously and actively displays distraction-free parenting to your children. Moskowitz also recommends using technology to your advantage.

“There are now many applications available to monitor and limit device use,” she said, “and we explicitly recommend that parents employ these to restrict the time their children spend on smartphones and tablets.”

What habits or rules does your homeschool family have to prevent screen addiction? Please log in and share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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