Tips for Hydration Motivation

Getting enough fluids in your body each day is a simple thing you can do that can have a tremendous benefit to your health. If it’s so easy though, why is so difficult to drink the recommended amount of water each day? In fact, a 2020 study revealed that only 22% of Americans consume the recommended 8-10 glasses of water per day. To help with your personal hydration motivation, try these four practical tips:

1. Join a Support Group
Whether it’s a spouse or friend, a support group aids in accountability while providing encouragement to keep going. “We know that our social network – significant others, family members, friends, coworkers – can have an influence on our health behaviors, including our eating and activity habits,” Courtney McCormick, a registered dietitian and the manager for Clinical Research and Nutrition, told U.S. News. “When we engage our friends and family in adopting healthy behaviors with us, we are more likely to be successful and make those changes stick.”

2. Connect with Apps
Apps can be a helping tool to keep a log of your water consumption. Plus, it can bring a smile to your face when you successfully reach your goal.

3. Treat Yourself
Having the right equipment or tool can definitely make a task easier to complete. The same thing applies to staying hydrated. You don’t need the most expensive water bottle on the market, but maybe a new water bottle is enough to better keep track of your water consumption. Adding some stickers that display your personality or favorite team is another way to make reaching your goal just a little more fun.

4. Know Your Why
Ask yourself why you want to achieve your goal and visualize your success. What does your better self look, feel, and act like when you reach your goal? If you can visualize your why when you want to do something (or when you need encouragement not to do something), it can give you the mental power to stick with your goal.

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