Ignite Your Student's History Lessons with Drive Thru History!

Buckle up and join humorous host Dave Stotts on a whirlwind tour through America's past and the ancient world in the award-winning Drive Thru History series from Alpha Omega Publications. To ignite your student's history lessons, simply shop online or call 800-622-3070 today!

Drive Thru History: Columbus, the Pilgrims, and Early Boston
Put rubber to the road as you spin through Spain, Italy, England, and Holland for an inside look at the people, places, and Christian influences that shaped early America.

Drive Thru History: Discovering America's Founders
Trek through Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Virginia to meet key patriots like George Washington, explore rare archival documents, and hear compelling interviews with leading historians.

Drive Thru History: Patriots, Penn, and the Freedom Trail
Map out the people and places behind the American Revolution with an energetic jaunt to key spots, including Paul Revere's grave, Bunker Hill, Boston's Freedom Trail, and the USS Constitution.

Drive Thru History: East Meets West
Turn over the keys to a new adventure in Asia Minor, where you'll uncover ancient influences, such as the Hittites and King David, Constantine's conversion, the fall of Constantinople, and Hagia Sophia.

Drive Thru History: Greece and the Word
History and the Bible will come alive for your family in Greece, where you'll meet historic legends like Alexander the Great and the apostle Paul, learn the origins of the Olympics, and solve the mystery of the oracle.

Drive Thru History: Rome If You Want To
Hit the road for an exhilarating tour of the Eternal City, including engrossing history behind the Coliseum, Nero, and the first Christian persecutions, as well as the connection between modern auto racing and chariot racing.

Drive Thru History: Turkish Delight
Put the pedal to the metal as you tour ancient Turkey's seven church cities from the Book of Revelation and take in unforgettable images of life in Sardis, Smyrna, Laodicea, and Ephesus.

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