Transform Your Bible with a Color-Coded Verse Guide

At some point during the course of your life, you’ve probably come across one of the many lists of “emergency numbers” to call upon in the Bible when times get tough. Lists of this sort include a variety of different categories, ranging from anxiety and fear to sin and temptation, hope and encouragement, and beyond. While the lists themselves serve as handy reference tools, you can also use them to color code your Bible for even faster reference.

Download our color-coded Bible verse guide and follow the instructions below to transform your Bible into an even more efficient reference tool. If you’re feeling ambitious, make your own color-coded guide for the topics of your choice!

Color-coded Bible verse guide
List of categorized Bible verses (included below)
Fine tipped pen or permanent marker
Transparent colored dot stickers

How to Use the Color-Coding Guide

1. Download and print the color-coded Bible verse guide.

2. Using the categorized list of verses below, look up the first verse under “anxiety & fear.”

3. Once you find the verse, lay the color coded Bible verse guide on top of the right page of your Bible.

4. Choose a green transparent dot sticker and place it on the right page of your Bible, directly under the guide’s green “anxiety & fear” half circle, so that half of the sticker hangs off the edge of the page. Then, lift the page and fold the remaining portion of the sticker over, pressing it firmly against the back side of the page. Note: Always place your sticker on the right page of your Bible, even if the verse is found on the left. Doing so ensures that the stickers will align properly when the book is shut.

5. Use the fine tipped pen or marker to write the verse reference (in this case 1:9 or Jer. 1:9) on the front side of the dot. Note: In addition to marking the pages, some people like to highlight the verses for even easier reference.

6. Repeat steps 2-5 for each of the verses on the list below. The two unlabeled categories on the color-coded Bible verse guide are left blank intentionally. Use them to create your own categories and mark verses that are particularly helpful for you.

7. When you finish color coding your Bible, tape the color-coded verse guide in the front of your book for future reference.

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