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Let learning soar with Monarch! Accessible 24/7, Monarch offers five core subjects and over 35 electives that engage your child with movie clips, animations, learning games, audio clips, and web-related links. Whether you're at home, on vacation, or halfway around the world, you can homeschool anywhere with Monarch by simply logging in online!

Full Compatibility
Now, you can homeschool with interactive, Internet-based lessons no matter what kind of computer system you have! Monarch's online lessons can be accessed with most web browsers on a Windows® or Macintosh® operating system.

Real-time Content Updates
Tired of teaching with out-of-date textbooks? With this online curriculum, students always have the most current content presented from a Christian worldview. Monarch course updates are made automatically, so you never have to worry again about installing updates.

Secure Date Storage
Monarch's secure learning environment includes storage of your child's academic records for seven years after your subscription ends. Grades are neatly logged, so you have everything you need to accurately prepare high school transcripts for college admission.

Enhanced Security Features
Strong password protection and encryption offer you secure sessions to keep your personal information safe and reduce opportunities for cheating on tests and quizzes.

Customizable Calendar
Customize your calendar to fit any homeschooling schedule! Monarch's functionality allows you to easily assign or remove school days, exclude date ranges, or take a day off from school to celebrate your child's birthday.

See Monarch in action.
Take a personal tour of the curriculum with an On-Demand Presentation and discover just how easy it is to homeschool with Monarch. Simply pick the grade and subject of your choice and click the "View On-Demand" link.

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To purchase any Monarch 5-subject set, individual subject, or elective, simply call 800-622-3070 or shop online today!

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Comments(28 comments)

JUDY M 04/01/2010 05:33:29

Hello, Is there a way to see samples of Monarch? I'm very excited about this product and want to show it to my daughter to get her opinion before ordering.

CHARLENE S 04/01/2010 05:41:23

I would love a demo as well before making a decision.

ANNE C 04/01/2010 08:02:17

I am very excited by the idea of this curriculum. However, I would have to concur with other comments... your promotion of this product would have been quite a bit more effective if you had put up a demo at the same time you announced it and not several weeks later. While I am seriously contemplating purchasing this product I REALLY want to see a demo before I make my final buying decision.

RYAN E 04/01/2010 08:16:00

We are working hard to get the on-demand presentations available. They will be available later this month - in time to still save 20% during our April sale before you make your decision.

DEBBIE M 04/01/2010 13:23:37

We are interested in Monarch, but would not contemplate purchasing until we were able to view a demo. I'm surprised that this very important step has not been made available yet.

STEVEN T 04/01/2010 13:36:01

I just purchased Monarch, I am unable to find the login page. Any help would be appreciated.

MARIA R 04/01/2010 16:34:22

I really need to view the material before purchasing is there anyway to login for a limited time to view pages?

CHRISTINE M 04/01/2010 18:49:08

ok--how do i customize my daughter's calendar--I'm starting her now and we'll work til the end of this school year, but i need to be able to block out the summer. (Then she'll start again in August and work until the end of May) I also want to add in other things that we are doing on certain days--like dance and theater--that i am also counting as part of her homeschooling and i would like to work that into the calendar so that on those days, she has less assignments. PLEASE HELP!!

PAULA K 04/01/2010 21:36:03

I am ready to buy this RIGHT NOW as my child loves the computer, wants to homeschool, but I can't see a sample of this curriculum! I love the price, the focus and everything. I just want to see what my child will see! When will this be available?!!! I want to take advantage of the sale!

KITSEL B 04/02/2010 09:02:43

I'm curious as to why Shannon R posted what she posted. Are you a current Monarch user? What is it about Monarch that is so terrible? I agree there should be a demo available. Just wondering Shannon...

Holly B 04/02/2010 13:08:01

Can you use this on more than one child at a time (2 at the same time) or use it twice within the family (1 one year 1 the next) Sounds really neat!

HOLLY R 04/03/2010 00:21:41

I am very anxious about this and would love to order it right now if only there was a demo. I am simply baffled as to why your special promotion of 20% off for this month is ongoing with no demo to at least see what this is all about. If only I could see a demo I would probably go ahead and purchase. Please give exact date of when demo will be available.

STEPHANIE S 04/03/2010 10:00:09

This curriculum sounds great for my 11th grader but I would like to see a sample demo before purchasing.

LORETTA L 04/04/2010 15:19:33

What date will you have demo available for viewing? I would like a chance to see if the site will be user friendly for 10 year old autistic son. Thank you for your time

AMEY C 04/04/2010 21:53:53

I have already sent in a request to see a demo and then I find these comments. So I am not the only one. This may be just want I have been praying for. I was even thinking of trying a virtual academy. This sounds so much better.

DEENA B 04/05/2010 17:07:55

Need to see a demo before I can purchase. Can you let us know when the demo will be available?

PATTY C 04/08/2010 06:18:28

Monarch is not all it's hyped up to be. I purchased the science course and found to be disappointed. Too bad for me! I lose out on the money I spent as there is a no return policy. Program is in the beginning stages and many features are yet to come, but you will not get to enjoy a completed program quite yet. Maybe that's why there is no demo prior to release date. Hmmmm!?!?!?!?!?

RYAN E 04/08/2010 11:51:06

Patty -

We value your feedback! Be assured that the presentations are coming soon so that you can see what the software looks like to assist in making the best curriculum decision for your family.

If anyone is interested in purchasing Monarch but still has questions about the curriculum feel free to wait until the presentations are available before you purchase. They will be available in time to still save 20% during April.

We appreciate your patience and look forward to serving you in the near future.

WENDI M 04/10/2010 01:10:48

Where IS the one in their right mind would purchase something SO expensive without seeing it first. Also, can more than one child use this...SOS lets up to 5 students use this actually a NEW curriculum or just SOS in a different format. AOP: this is hurting your reputation with a lot of people...what's the secret? Why would you want us to buy something we have NEVER seen before...and have no clue what it is about. Jesus said to count the cost before you build a tower...I agree. Count the cost of buying Monarch...with NO information lady said that the money is non-refundable. People will start to look for other Christian curriculum companies if AOP does not be honest about what this new stuff really is all about.

FAITH Y 04/11/2010 15:45:21

Is there a demo available?

RACHEL L 04/13/2010 13:24:45

I am completely discouraged by my interactions with AOP. We ordered Monarch for 5th grade and Lifepac for 2nd. The Lifepac is fine. However Monarch has been an utter nightmare. When I spent several phone calls and much time working with tech support and customer service EVERYDAY we used it, I decided it was not for our family. Too bad for me THERE ARE NO REFUNDS! I was offered the lifepac and no refund for the difference. This product is still at a beta level at best. Please...I wish I had seen Wendi's post...oh the sadness it would have saved. So my "choice" is either Lifepac and a $100 penalty for picking that or just be out the 335.00. This is our first interaction with this company. Their unwillingness to fix this issue is not only frustrating but embarrassing as they bear the name of our creator...yet show no fruit of it.

CARL V 04/15/2010 06:28:48

A video introduction to Monarch is now available! Visit and follow these short steps.

1) Select the grade of your choice

2) Pick a subject or set

3) Click View On-Demand Presentations

4) Click Introduction to Monarch

We hope you find this introduction helpful and apologize for not having it available sooner.

TASHA S 04/18/2010 22:32:26

So, I've watched the demo and the 2 minute sample of a student lesson. I fail to see how this is any different from SOS?? From what I can tell, it *isn't* different. SOS=CD-roms, Monarch=internet version of SOS.

MICHELLE L 04/23/2010 20:55:08

Did I understand the demo correctly when it said it offers a curriculum "subscription of 18 months which is ample time to complete the curriculum"? Is this saying that after paying the $350-$400 pricetag it's only good for 18 months?

MIRNA C 04/24/2010 02:35:21

What's the difference between Monarch and SOS?

DAWN S 04/26/2010 10:32:21

why not just call it SOS Online? If it's really that different then let us see it and decide for ourselves?

SHEILA N 05/03/2010 17:26:02

I purchased, but can't find where we log in? Can anyone help???

MELISSA L 05/04/2010 06:24:11

I purchased Monarch for my high school children. I have been totally discourage too!!!! We have had constant problems!!! We can't even use the Algebra II program! It is a total nightmare! I am in tears as I type. I don't have the money to purchase another program and now what do I do! I am amazed that AOP would start to sell something that is in this condition. The sad part is that there is nothing I can do.

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