Treasures on the Mirror

Every week when I cleaned the bedroom, I would always run into them. The time and effort needed to move them out of the way to dust became longer and longer. To anyone else, these items probably looked like a lot of clutter, but to me they were treasures from the heart.

What do you do with all those special treasures your children bring to you each day to say they love you? Trinkets like braided bracelets, love poems, bugs, rocks, dandelions, and pencil sketches begin to grow into quite a collection of items, especially since I had more than one child. My solution needed to reflect sensitivity and show how much I valued and appreciated their affection.

My refrigerator door and bedroom mirror became the favorite collecting points for most of the items. Every morning and night I was reminded of my children's love through these thoughtful tokens. I recall hearing one of our children ask her father one day, "Does Mom really like all the things we bring to her?" He wisely replied, "Just go look at Mom's mirror! What do you see?" These treasures of love framed my reflected image each time I looked into the mirror. They represented who and what I was as a homeschooling parent. I was surrounded by a family I loved and who loved me. What greater joy could any parent have?

God has given you special treasures, too, that reflect His love each day. The beauty of His creation in a sunset, the assurance of His Holy Spirit when troubled by fears, the comfort of His promises in the Word, and the joy of His salvation are the trinkets He places on the mirror of your heart. "Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God" (1 John 3:1a). You are surrounded by a great and awesome God who loves you so much! What greater joy could you have?

Father, thank You for all these reminders of love from my children. Help me to treasure each one as I treasure the daily reminders of Your love for me. May we all continue to draw closer together as a family and to You. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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TONYA H 07/22/2009 20:02:53

I just love these devotions! How nice to be reminded that aaaallll my drawings, flowers, crafts, rocks, etc. from my kids are truly given in love. It's so easy to get annoyed with clutter, but now that my oldest son is 13 and no longer collects these items for me, the ones I've saved from him are ever-so-precious. I must remember that as I joyfully receive the simple gifts I still get from my younger 3 kidlets. I am blessed that my oldest does not "believe" in store-bought cards-- so every Mother's Day & birthday I can count on a lovingly and painstakingly created card from him. :-)


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