Using Your Senses to Create a Healthy and Happy Winter

With dropping temperatures and early sunsets, our natural inclination is to begin winter hibernation in our homes. However, according to Dr. Darshan Mehta of Massachusetts General Hospital, the light in our lives needs to come from more than just our electronic devices.

In spite of the cold weather, Mehta has challenged us to spend an hour outside each day. For inspiration, he looks to the Scandinavians. Despite limited sunshine through the winter months, Scandinavian countries accounted for more than half of the top ten cities worldwide in the 2020 World Happiness Report.

“Scandinavians actually go outside in the cold. I think we can’t be fearful of the cold,” Mehta told the Boston Globe. “It’s because you’re not going outside that people get sick in the wintertime; [germs] transmit from one to another very quickly. So we actually need to be outside more.”

In addition, Mehta suggests looking beyond the light. To do that, check out these few suggestions to make sure you’re using all your senses to create a healthy and happy winter in your homeschool.

As long as you don’t have to drive in it, snow can actually be appreciated for how it can make nearly everything more beautiful. When you do go outside this winter, be sure to take the time to enjoy the beauty of nature and perhaps work on your photography skills.

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Whether it’s listening to Christmas music or introducing your child to your favorite band and music at the same age to get a reaction, music can instantly transform the environment around you.

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Few things can make you feel at home like walking in the front door to the amazing smells of fresh-baked bread or supper in the oven.

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Don’t be afraid to break out of your routines and try something new. Websites like Pinterest are terrific for finding new recipes for everything from the crockpot to the stovetop. Supper also shouldn’t be a race, so be sure to savor your food and enjoy the conversation with family around the table.

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If you’ve ever enjoyed a back rub, the family pet jumping on your lap, a relaxing soak in the tub, or a sweet hug from your child, you’re well aware of the power touch can have in a healthy and happy family setting.

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