What I Wish I Knew about Homeschooling Before I Started

Every day, we have the amazing opportunity to speak to families, and we love learning about their homeschool journey and experiences. Recently on AOP’s official Facebook page, we asked real homeschoolers what they wish they knew about homeschooling before they started. Here are some of our favorite answers:

What is one thing you wish you knew when you started your homeschool journey?

Stephanie P. – “The days are long, but the years are so incredibly fast.”

Kitty M. – “Don’t try to recreate a classroom.”

Ni Law – “There is no such thing as behind or ahead.”

Nita S. – “We all need to learn that every child and every family has different needs and learning styles.”

Casey N. – “One thing we did early on was drop the grade level off. All 3 of my kids have special needs, so they’re all over the place with development. A friend of mine told me how she doesn’t label her kids with grade levels. It’s been amazing in their development, and I LOVE it!”

Mindy K. – “That there are seasons and to not be scared – to embrace them as they come.”

Sarah V. – “I’m still learning this, but I am not ruining their chances for a good college experience.”

Jenny Z. – “Don’t worry so much about them completing everything, as other things in life can also be considered learning, too. So many things can be used toward learning if we allow it.”

Tracey W. – “I wish I would have known about AOP sooner.”

Amanda W. – “I wish I would have known that their whole lives weren’t dependent on me getting every single thing right as a teacher, or providing them with every opportunity, or teaching them everything about everything. I wish I would have known that all I had to do was be faithful to God’s call to homeschool and teach them how to teach themselves…anything. God handles the rest. He opened so many doors for my children that I could never have opened and had mentors step into their lives and teach them so many things that I never could have. They are God’s children, He loves them, and He is faithful.”

Cathleen T. – “To give myself grace. It will not be perfect, but it can be fun and enriching. To know that God loves them even more than me, so one way or another everything is covered. 😊”

Laura K. – “That it’s ok to not follow your original plan! Life gets messy, and so does schooling! Some days call for changes!”

Brooke C. – “Focus on what’s important to YOU!”

Emily M. – “STOP WORRYING!! You will be fine, and your child will be more than fine!”

Jackie B. – “That it was going to be completely worth it when she found her own way and realized how talented she really was. She’s 22 now. We started homeschool in 7th grade and went to graduation.”

Kristi P. – “That keeping a routine and schedule actually make the school days go better!”

Jessica D. – “Write all plans in pencil because they will change.”

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