What Should Parents Know about the Momo Challenge?

Parenting in today’s social media world is a difficult task, and one of the more recent issues some parents have had to deal with is a disturbing online presence called the Momo challenge.

“According to lore, the Momo challenge is a viral game shared on messaging services that goads young children into violence or even suicide,” Amanda Sakuma wrote on Vox, an American news and opinion website. “Images of the devilish bird-lady supposedly pop up with creepy messages and commands that are said to escalate to extreme violence and horror.”

For parents, there’s a relief to know that the Momo challenge is considered to be a hoax; however, because it has gone viral, it’s important for parents to be aware of the topic. To help educate parents, organizations like National Online Safety have created a Momo guide for parents.

The scenario also serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of parental presence and the need to have regular discussions with your kids about what they are viewing. As you talk about your child’s Internet activity, try asking questions such as these:

Is there anything new you've watched and would like to talk about?
Is there anything yucky or disturbing you have seen?
When have you seen God’s light on social media, Internet, or TV?
Can you think of times when you've seen videos that are evil?

Having regular conversations such as these will hopefully encourage your child to trust you when difficult moments occur. You may also be inspired anew to spend time in prayer for your children to begin each day.

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