Whom Do You Believe In?

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father" (John 14:12).

When people attain a measure of success in the public spotlight, what words do you normally hear them say when they are interviewed? That person usually says, "Because my ______________(fill in the blank — grandmother, mother, father, sister, friend, etc.) believed in me, I was able to accomplish what I've done." Amazingly, one person's faith in another person's ability inspires great achievement.

Christ demonstrated this fact when He chose Peter as a disciple. Recognizing his potential (Matthew 16:16-20), Jesus challenged Peter to follow Him. After Christ's death and resurrection, the Lord's words about Peter were fulfilled when the Holy Spirit transformed his life on the day of Pentecost. Even though Peter was uneducated and untrained, his confidence and willingness to die for the sake of the Gospel amazed the elders, rulers, and scribes (Acts 4:13-14). Because Christ patiently loved and encouraged Peter, he was able to perform miracles and change the world with the message of Jesus' love and forgiveness.

Does this same underlying principle lie at the root of every homeschooler's success? Since most homeschooling parents only have a high school education, what else could account for the incredible results in academic success? Apparently, learning is only part of the equation in a child's ability to achieve great things. The other part lies within a loving parent's heart. When you see God's potential within your child and encourage him to reach out and obtain it, you'll be amazed at what your child achieves, too.

Lord, forgive me for limiting my child because of my unbelief in his abilities. Help me inspire him to greatness by believing in what You've created him to be. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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LINDY R 03/30/2009 07:04:45

"Since most homeschooling parents only have a high school education, what else could account for the incredible results in academic success?"

I appreciate the basic premise of this devotional but I believe that the above quote is incorrect. Certainly there are many parents homeschooling that have only completed their high school education but that is not the "norn" according to HSLDA statistics. G-d is asuredly in control and to be given credit for all of our successes but let's not ascew the actual facts to make Him "bigger".

SUSAN M 03/29/2010 09:29:40

I think God gets the credit when we are obedient whether we have a high school diploma, a college diploma, a master\'s degree or a doctorate. Regardless of our education level we must recognize that \"without Him we could do nothing.\"

Otherwise, thanks for the reminder to encourage my children by seeing the potential in that life created by God for His glory.

KENDRA P 03/29/2010 13:34:29

I, too, was wondering about the correctness of the high school education comment. Does anyone know the stats re: homeschoolers and higher education degrees? I have a masters in business administration, which certainly helps me as I homeschool my 4 children, although I would not credit my education fully with my success. W/o God, I would not have the patience or persistence to keep up w/this challenging full-time job. He certainly keeps me going and on-track and w/o Him I could do little.

LINDSAY D 03/29/2011 04:50:59

I read the high school education statement and wondered too if it was correct. Funny, because myself, my husband, and almost all of my homeschool friends have college degrees or higher?!?! God knows the plan even when we don\'t. Thanks for the reminder to inspire our children in His love.

DEVA M 03/29/2011 05:02:26


At the first comment:

There is no way we could ever do anything to make God bigger...He is infinite...and eternal! He is as BIG as it gets!

We can do NOTHING apart from Him. Which would include: college degrees, teaching our children, breathing....etc.

Also, He will redeem our sin for His own Glory, as well as, our obedience....keeping Himself on the Throne.

He is Soveriegn and we are not.

While teaching our children academics has high value, nothing can surpass the priority we have been given to train them in Righteousness....which is our most noble calling as mothers, and teachers.

Let us humble ourselves greatly today before the Lord....and worship Him for who He truly is! Our creator, Lord, and Father.

All is Grace,

D. Manibusan

CARIN M 03/29/2011 06:21:21

Thank you to our wonderful daily devotional.

Thank you to Deva M.

My college degree in the sciences has little to none to do with my success as a home school mom or any success I have in life. In some ways my high success as a student is detrimental to my home school.

It is my Faith in an Infinite, Eternal, Bigger than we can begin to comprehend or imagine God that gives me the ability to home school my children.

I Praise Him for His Daily Help for this call in my life.

TIFFINY S 03/29/2011 06:22:03

In our area with our homeschool group of about 75 families, only 25% have a collee degree. The rest of us only have high school diplomas. The Lord doesn\'t care if you have highes education or not. He will work through you and guide your hand to success if you choose to follow him on your homeschool Journey. I truly give him the Glory when I recieve comments on my childrens homeschool success!

NICOLE D 03/29/2011 06:42:16

I too wondered about the high school diploma statistic. I personally have a master\'s degree, and my hubby has a bachelor\'s. Most of the people I know who homeschool do have some post high school education. I think people who value education (and thus have a higher level of it) are more likely to be concerned, and thus homeschool, when it comes to their children\'s education. Just my 2 cents.

I agree, though, that it really doesn\'t matter what your education level is, with God\'s help you can homeschool very successfully!

CARLA D 03/29/2011 08:01:15

I think that we waste alot of time on trying to prove God\'s love and infinite power, when we don\'t have to. G-O-D gets all of the glory for everything- homeschool related or not. I don\'t have a college degree yet- I\'m currently a freshman, however, even if I had chosen not to go back to school, I still believe that I would be successful at homeschooling my children because I acknowledge Him as to what I should teach my children. He hasn\'t failed me yet, and I chose to believe that He never will; and I don\'t mind giving Him the glory for it.

JULIE J 03/29/2011 08:07:43

We personally homeschool because God has deeply convicted us that it is what He has called us to do not so much because we are concerned about our children\'s education. There\'s a whole lot more to homeschool than academics for us and that is guiding our children toward God on a daily basis. I completely agree with Deva M. Without God, we can do NOTHING. My husband\'s & my level of education has nothing to do with why we homeschool. It has everything to do with obeying our heavenly father. I am sorry Nicole D, but your statement that you believe those who have higher education seem like they would value education more and be more likely to homeschool their children is just as bad as the broad statement made in the devotional that most homeschool parents only have a high school education.

DEANNE G 03/29/2011 08:13:58

In our community there is quite a difference in the educational backgrounds of our homeschooling parents, but I haven\'t seen a big difference in the quality of education that springs forth from those backgrounds. What I have found is that by far most parents are caring, dedicated, determined and capable of giving their children a well rounded and challenging education that prepares them for their future and God\'s plans for their lives.

When I started to homeschool my 5 children over 20 years ago I had graduated with what was considered a good high school education. Still, I found that God not only used those years to pass on a solid education to my children, but He used it to fill in some rather surprising holes in my own! In encouraging my own children to not limit their own abilities, but to look to God\'s leading in their lives, I eventually got the message myself and (when my children were older) started my own college education and am now working on my degree.

With God\'s leading and such a variety of great curriculum choices, a dedicated parent can provide a wonderful education to their children and better yet, they can teach their children how and why to learn, how to think and how to explore on their own. To paraphrase a quote, \"It isn\'t just a matter of giving them a fish, but teaching them how to fish.\" After all, our education doesn't end with high school or college; it is an on going process that doesn't end until God calls us home.

HEATHER H 03/29/2011 09:44:29

I appreciate the author\'s perspective in this devotional, however I do take offense to such broad generalizations being used. I wish that true statistics were being used when they are being referenced. I am outside the national\'s capital and I am in a large homeschooling network. Approximately 85% of us hold a bachelor\'s degree or higher....We hold college degrees and choose to homeschool not based on the school system. Our school system is fabulous. We choose to homeschool based on other issues. The Lord is my rock and my strength and he gives me the power to continue this on a daily basis. I do however draw on my education when teaching my children. But, I am able to do this because of all the Lord has given me and because he GAVE me the knowledge and the power to get through college. I am a Registered Nurse because of the Lord\'s blessings and because of my HARD work! That is what I will instill in my children as well.

HILIARY S 03/29/2011 10:41:03

I don\'t usually comment on this type of thing, but I was struck with the pride of man and in his own merits and education. I was also wondering where some of the commentators get their statistics. Do you do a poll if someone holds a degree when someone enters your home school network? Do you love them and come along side of them to help them?

RENEE M 03/29/2011 10:56:48

Having second thoughts about homeschooling my kids this comming school year. In some ways I have that I have accomplished a lot. My youngest child, know alot of her letters. My second child dosen\'t want to do any work. He gets mad when I make him set down and do work. I let them all do computer time and pick out a book that they would like me to help them read or read there self. I hear other homeschool moms say how well there kids are doing and i get a dissappointed because in some cases i fell that my three are not where they need to be.

My oldest one is in the 6th grade and in most of her subjects she is in the fourth grade level. My son he is in the second grade and in a lot of his subjecgts he is still on frist grade level. I have seen imporvement in three beautiful kids, but i have also seen other problems too. When I try to address these other issues or problems I make it worse.

May be my husband is right, I should put them back in public school.

I don\'t know, though very time I think about putting them back in public schools right know i don\'t feel right about. I want what is best for my kids. They have been through a lot in the last six months. Their grandma moving in the home and then she broke her ankle and was sick.

Then she moved out so we can give their a cousins a place to stay. So, it has been a wild ride for the last six months. I just pray and hope i am doing the right thing.

Please keep me in prayer.

HEATHER H 03/29/2011 13:23:04

It is laughable that some would think because of others degrees and education that we would not lift others help. It is this authors perspective that gives homeschoolers a \"bad image.\" I have nothing wrong with those that don\'t have a higher education. But I want my children to be all they are meant to be in the Lord\'s image....I don\'t believe the Lord would want me to teach my girls not to be able to take care of themselves. Should they never marry or should something terrible happen to their husbands and leave them widowed, I would want them to be able to stand on their own two feet and care for themselves and any possible children. Unfortunately, in today\'s society they require that higher education in order to \"make ends meet\" and that is my gripe. I am proud of what I have worked for and It is only through the Lord\'s Blessings I am and have what I have. But I would NEVER generalize statements like these. And yes, we do happily list our education status, because it is something to be proud of. It is the normal outside \"the District.\" It might not be how it is in general America, but I have come from a state that is in the bottom of the nation in re: to their educational standards. I know what good and bad education is and I don\'t appreciate generalizations. It gives the wrong stereotype to homeschoolers which many continue to struggle to overcome. And by the way, we are there and support ALL of our homeschooling peers. I don\'t discriminate based on educational status, nor does anyone else that I know. There are many attorneys, physicians, nurse practioners and engineers in our group and we all lend a different slant on our kids educations and our knowledge base helps influence that. That is just a fact of life.

JAYNE A 03/29/2011 17:03:22

Our Lord was not a scholar of worldly standards. He was a carpenter by trade, born in a stable. He had a humble up bringing,yet, He changed the world. He saved the world! How blessed we are that we are able to homeschool our children in His precious name. To all my fellow home schoolers,regardless of our educational backgrounds, let\'s make Jesus smile by raising our children on His word and in His peace ( Isaiah 54:13) so that they can continue to share His love with the world. Each one of us can do all things through Him ( Phil. 4:13).

Lord, I pray that you bless each one of these families in a special way today.

Please keep the devotionals coming, they are a true blessing to me.

BRENNA H 03/30/2011 07:56:38

All things are possible with God. My husband came from a small town, had little formal training, but was able to obtain his ordanation as a baptist preacher. God was able to use him greatly. Life happens and things change. He was then able through no formal training, only God, became a successful computer programmer and christian book author. I tell you this not to brag, but to show that a high school education backed completely by God\'s grace and blessing will take you farther than any college in some instances. I am very behind formal education, I have a B.S. I am more impressed with my husband. For all you moms that only have a high school diploma I say good for you---With God and God alone all things are possible. If God is for us who can be against. These statistics leave out the only real educators The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Let us support one another no matter the background. Peace and Prayers, Brenna

BRENNA H 03/30/2011 08:11:51

Dear Renee M, If God has asked you to home school, then He alone knows you can do it. I do not know your situation, But maybe a computer program would help. I also was having a hard time getting my girls to want to work until switched on school house. It does not make all things perfect but it helps. If your children are improving and you know their issues then you can help then to continue to improve. It just seems that your heart is clearly in the right place. I can hear the love you feel for your children. Keep seeking God\'s wisdom. He has been the constant source of strength for our homeschooling journey. I will prayer for your family. It seems that you have a heart for helping everyone in your family in need. Peace and prayers, Brenna

HEATHER H 03/30/2011 09:55:56

And Renee M- At one point in my life I listened to everyone else when it was said that the \"formal\" educators knew best and could handle every child. It wasn\'t until I felt I was beating my head into a wall and a great friend of the Lord showed me that I KNEW MY CHILDREN\"S needs the BEST above all else. I NEVER thought I would be \"that mom.\" But the Lord had other plans and has been able to work through me and allow me to put my career on hold (never ever thought that was a financial possibility. We live in one of the highest cost of living areas in the country.) But I was shown through the LORD\'s GRACE alone that I am sufficient for their needs and he would USE me to lead my children. HS hasn\'t always looked the way I would have liked, but the Lord has continued to allow growth. I have found a very large Christian Homeschool Network that has always helped. I would see if that is available in your area, because you do sound as if you are in the right place in your heart. I would pray the Lord gives you the right direction for those children. My children have had emotional heartache and it was through homeschool they were able to come through a more whole individual in the process. It was something that wasn\'t too big for the Lord to handle. You also might want to look into a hs fair where you can browse other curriculum to see if there is a better fit for your kids. Praying for your peace and direction! Thank you for your honesty and being so candid.

KRIS M 03/30/2011 20:09:56

Renee M – My daughter is 13 and still studying 5 grade. However, she knows more than the kids her age that are in 8 grade public school. What she learns at home sticks with her better than her public school peers. She doesn't have to graduate from high school at a set age. If it takes her longer than other kids, then who cares. When she's 18, we're not going to say ok you're done. We will just keep plugging along until she graduates.

Some of your problem could just be a maturity problem. I used to have to be on my daughter constantly to focus and do her work. It wasn't until she was 11 that she was able to work independently, and I could back off and stop being such an annoying teacher. If your children started in public school this could take longer. Independence is not encouraged at a young age in schools. Using Switched on Schoolhouse has also helped her become a more independent worker. Also many kids are not mentally mature/developed enough for all subjects at the same age. My daughter was a math whiz and ahead of her peers, but really struggled with reading during her early education. In the last few years she is no longer ahead in math, but her reading has improved greatly and now reads only a little behind her peers. Her brain just hadn't matured enough to understand reading. This is one of the beauties of homeschooling. We could focus on what she was ready for and not over push things she was not ready for. We didn't give up practicing a little reading in the early years, but we also could focus on math and let her zoom ahead. I have seen adults who were pushed through public school who are great readers, however, hate to read. They blame this on the struggles of being forced to read before their brain was developed/mature enough to really understand the process needed to read.

She also feels good about herself and where she stands with her education. Other kids in the community don't make fun of her for being behind. If she was in public school everyone would know she was in special classes and she would come think of herself as dumb, etc. I used to be a special ed teacher. Many times I saw kids who had potential and just needed more time to study or develop mentally, who ended up just fulfilling the role the regular ed kids put them in.

I encourage you to not give up. I only have on child, but I remember many years of being the tough parent and struggling to find the best curriculum for our family.

SYBIL V 03/31/2011 17:14:01

sadly ive read most of you are much more concerned about the comment \" most of us having a highschool education\" than the importance of God giving us the strength to home school our children.

i ask you then if thats the most important, why are you homeschooling?, is it your scholarity what makes you? dose it define who you are? not me. Im a nutricionist, i have a masters degree, i can tell im pretty smart, my IQ is quite bigger than the average, i have skills and ability to many things, i speak english, im mexican, and im learning french. But everything to Gods Glory. And as Paul did, Ive consider it all trash, because i in my oun strength can not do any thing, my children are learning because of Gods mighty human design, He made owr brains, He made us, and gave us the opportunity to go to school to have a career, to be smart, nothing comes from us, we have nothing to presume obout.

1Co 4:7 For who maketh thee to differ from another? and what hast thou that thou didst not receive? now if thou didst receive it, why dost thou glory, as if thou hadst not received it?

Besides, the lady who wrote it maybe knows many homeschoolers that in average have only a high school degree, shes the correct vision of school and degrees, so i dont think she has to look for any statistics to try to encourage us to trust in God as we homeschool. Plus i know she perfectly knows the \"size\" owr God is, she may never think of making him bigger, is in Him that we breath, live, move and exist, and so does the entire universe.

I invite you all to let the glory to God, to not think of you for more than you are, a daughter of The King, and behave as one. To do so, read your bible, thats a nobel poupouse, but live the Bible thats Gods Will.

And to my beloved sister who wrote this encouraging daily focus: Im sorry for everything you had to read about your writing, dont let the enemy make you feel disapointed for the coments, God is happy to see you working for him. Sof 3:17 The LORD thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.

May God bless you.

AMY R 03/29/2012 03:52:46

Well, Bottomm line is...this is a faith based, Christ-centered devotional. The writer will always lift up God because He is the Most High, He is bigger, greater, and the One. If you don\'t believe that, then you don\'t believe in the God of Creation that created the universe, the Father of Isaac and the One who came to earth in the flesh to show us His amazing love, His unfailing love, and His free gift of salvation through Him, Jesus Christ. I invite you to get to know Him. He is wonderful and all Glory. He is my strength when I am weak, my salvation when I feel like giving up, my comfort when I\'m stressed, my confident when I\'m scared, and my friend when I am lonely. He pulled me from the greatest pit of addiction, self-destruction, and self-focused living. I love Him and I would not be walking this new path if no one had ever introduced me to Him.

I hope you know someday the Big-ness that He is!

DENEAN S 03/29/2012 04:14:02

I find it sad that many have missed the true meaning and intention of the devotion and have gotten hung up in the statistic. The whole point is to let Christ work through you to inspire your child! He alone gets the credit!

JAMIE F 03/29/2012 04:57:05

I agree Denean :o)

Homeschooling for our family has been an intersesting roller coaster. I have four kids with various disabilities... homeschooling has been difficult at times. People ask my constantly \"How do you do it\" or \"Don\'t you just want to pull your hair out sometimes?\" (I love that comment personally lol!) and my first reply is \" I don\'t do it, it is Christ in me that does it!\" and the second reply is \"Yup, I\'ve wanted to pull my hair out at times! LOL!\" I mean, four kids, one with CP, one with ADHD , another with a LD and the oldest having health issues... my days can become totally overwhelming at times... but God shows us His loving kindness at the most impossible, frustrating moments!

Like yesterday, I was feeling cruddy about not making the progress I thought my kids should have made... My youngest daughter spouts something rude and unkind from her mouth and I think that everything I\'ve taught them has been in vain... then my oldest daughter recites a Bible lesson I taught months ago about the power of the spoken word almost word for word as to how I taught it and in such a loving manner my heart totally melted to a puddle of goo!!! I broke out in tears and got all sappy on \'em LOL! Just when I thought they weren\'t listening...lol... those little stinkers not only recall their lesson, but but it into practice!!!

God\'s timing is funny.

Personally, I think it is awesome that God keeps putting us in postions where it seems impossible to do something... because His grace so clearly shows through at those moments.... not to mention how our faith multiplies! And we\'ve been through some humdingers. Three moves to three states in six months, job losses, illnesses, church changes, severe poverty, and more... but God is always there. Always. It is in where you put your focus. Are you looking at man made standards, or Biblical standards? Are you looking at the desert landscape infront of you, or are you looking at the only set of foot prints in the sand... His. Remember, He said He\'d never forsake or leave us...

So... who is carrying you today?

ANGEL P 03/29/2012 05:01:10

I loved the devotional and pray pride did not steal the message from those who felt the need to list their own accomplishments and accolades.

Blessings on you !

JAMIE F 03/29/2012 05:03:26

soory. spelling errors and grammer mishaps abound... lol i re-read it all.. ugh.. but having no glasses and no coffee at this time... *giggle* I was lucky to log in correctly!

ERICA T 03/29/2012 06:24:24

God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

TABITHA J 03/29/2012 07:56:13

There are even homeschooling teachers that have teacher certifications and they homeschool their children.

KATHY S 03/29/2012 08:05:38

I have a High School Education, and a child with special needs and Autism who was abused at the Public School.

So I homeschool him now.

Surley, I couldn not teach, and have the patience I do without God helping every step of the way.

Thank you Jesus for always helping me teach and raise my son.

NICKI W 03/29/2012 08:22:28

I can\'t express enough how this little devotion helps me so much! I\'ve felt very much alone in my 2 whole years of homeschooling and now that I have this, I see that I\'m very much not alone! That so many homeschooling moms have the same struggles and worries as I do. This is truly an answered prayer for me. Thank You.

I especially liked this mornings devotion. I am guilty of not feeling like I am qualified in giving my girls the education they need. My eldest was born at a pound and 4oz. 14 weeks early. She is amazing! She fought so hard to be alive today and it\'s only through God that she is here today. She is delayed in her learning, but eventually she gets it, just takes her a little longer than the normal child. I was so encouraged and reminded after reading this that God has a purpose for her in this life and He\'s using me to teach her. God believes in me, just as Jesus believed in Peter. Wow what an amazing job we all have as homeschooling moms!

Gods got our backs ladies! Awesome!!!

VANESSA W 03/29/2012 09:41:04

I do believe God uses people whatever their education and meets them where they are at. I also believe that sometimes God allows things to happen in such a way that there is no doubt that it has to be Him! I have a GED and a mere 12 credits of college time. There have been times of great worry where I\'ve thought-I just can\'t do this. God has given encouragement just as it is needed. My daughter is in 2nd grade. She reads at a 4th grade level. My son is in 3rd grade and reads at a 7th grade level. Both are doing well in their writing, english and math. We are finding with all the reading we do (we do about two hours a day) that when we do social studies, my son can often give me the answers to the questions without reading the textbook. I really believe our children are God\'s gift and if I had a masters degree-I\'d be tempted to think their success was because of me. It\'s not me at all, it\'s God working through me. Don\'t get me wrong. I think having a degree is a good thing. We hope to give our children that opportunity if they so choose.

When I think of my own situation, I think of Gideon in the book of Judges. In the second verse it says, The Lord said to Gideon, \"The men you have are too many for me to give them victory over the midianites. They might think that they won by themselves and so give me no credit.\"

Many of my friends and acquaintances are on either side of the spectrum. I think in the end God knows what temptations we can/cannot endure. Pride is a big one.

Yesterday we were practicing cursive. I commented on my sons beautiful work. He was so excited! He told me \"public school kids don\'t do cursive until third grade.\" I asked Him how He knew that. He said it was \"because His speech therapist told Him so.\" I asked How She knew He could write in cursive. He said \"because I wrote my name on my folder in cursive.\" Our God is an Awesome God! He works even through little ole me.

In all this I look back at when Jesus walked this earth and even after He returned to Heaven, often the people He chose were poor and/or uneducated people. Not all the time-but often. Not because He didn\'t want to use others-only because many times people who are highly educated or wealthy-often think that\'s all they need. We aren\'t poor but certainly not wealthy either. God has provided our needs. My husband has been blessed with a good job. We have a roof over our heads and food to eat. What more can we ask for?

CHRISTY W 03/29/2012 10:31:29

LADIES.....Sisters in Christ!....Let\'s not get the devotional twisted all because of an educational comment. Did anyone read where the devotional said \"MOST\".....Not \"ALL\" homeschooling parents have only obtained a High school education. If your education has reached a higher degree then GREAT...But according to the studies done (and if you were not a part of that study, then the stats does not apply to to you) \"MOST\" homeschooling parents indeed only have a High school education. My advice for all of us to NOT focus on that one sentence, but rather focus on the true meaning of this devotion....No matter what degree of education we have, we have all been blessed with beautiful children that God has allowed us to \"educate\" in a way that NO school could ever do.....EVER! We truly blessed....

MEERI N 03/29/2012 14:53:59

I have a college education. I also have a 17 year old boy that I have put down, discouraged, and belittled because he has always been a slow learner and isn\'t motivated to go to college or even finish high school. He hates me, and is now involved in doing community service to pay for his probationary fines he\'s incurred due to marijuana use to \'manage stress\' from living here, and he wants to move out as soon as he turns 18. Did my education help him or was it a hindrance? The circumstances have certainly served well to humble me of any pride, though, didn\'t they? Thank you Jesus. Please pray for us. Thanks and God bless you all as you seek to be more like Jesus in your daily homeschooling role, as a parent, and as a disciple of Christ.

Altia L 03/29/2012 15:35:45

Thank you Lord for reminding me not to put limitations on my children or even my own abilities. Home schooling is for my childrens eduction and to shape our caracters.

TERESA S 03/29/2012 18:21:38

AmericaN History reveals many famous Americans had very little formal schooling, yet had excellent scholarship abilities (read some of Washington\'s and Lincoln\'s writings). The most important aspect of homeschooling (apart from the Christian environment advantage) is that our children learn to be more independent in their learning. Many succesful follks had mothers who helped them learn. Some (Susannah Welsy - mother of the Methodist Welsy brothers) spent time each day with each child, reading and teaching- even though they did not have an extended formal education. I want my daughters to go to college, but I have decided to be content with whatever choices they make, as long as they can live for God and make a respectable living. College is not necesssarily a guarantee for success. For individuals who only go at their parents insistance, it may lead for trouble and a waste of money. It certainly does open many more doors, but parents should not feel frustrated if their childrens seek other paths leading to a vocation in life.

KATHY SPIELER 03/31/2013 13:13:02



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