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Word building is a crucial step between knowing the letters of the alphabet and being able to write. Letter tiles have been a popular choice to help children learn that letters can be put together to make words. This method allows children to use hands-on material to experiment arranging letters in different ways to create simple words. While you can purchase letter tiles online, you can also easily create your own with several of these different items you may find around the house or download and our free printable letter tiles for sight word fun!

Build Your Own Letter Tile Ideas
Printable letter tiles
Milk jug caps
Duplo bricks
Plastic counting tiles
Magnet or foam bath letters
Magazine letters
Sticky notes
Popsicle sticks

Instructions: Either print out and cut or simply use a permanent market to write the letters on your makeshift tiles.

Tip: Use a line under the b, p, and d so your child does not get confused.

Once you’ve printed out or created your letter tiles, we recommend using high frequency consonant/vowel/consonant words because they are easier to sound out (dad, dog, cat). Once this step has been mastered, have your child create more complex words. Here are a few different games to help improve your child’s word-building skills.

- Give your child seven tiles and create as many words as possible in a certain time frame.

- Set up a grid of letters for your child and find as many words as possible (backwards, frontwards, diagonally).

- Use the letter tiles to help your child identify parts of speech. Call out “adjective,” “noun,” or “verb” and have your child create a word that falls into that specific category.

- Create your own crossword. Start with a simple word and have your child build off it. Keep going until as many letter tiles as possible have been used.

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