Work for AOP as a Homeschool Convention Consultant!

Want to earn extra income with your homeschooling skills? Use your homeschool expertise and discover the rewarding fulfillment of helping other families as a 2012 homeschool convention consultant for Alpha Omega Publications!

As a convention consultant, you'll enjoy one-of-a-kind opportunities to share your knowledge of AOP's time-tested, award-winning curriculum. Not only will you receive satisfaction from guiding families into the joys of homeschooling, but you'll also be richly compensated for your hard work. Best of all, as a contracted AOP employee, you'll be able to continue homeschooling your own children without having to interrupt your homeschool schedule.

Apply now for this unique employment opportunity to help other homeschoolers while supplementing your family's homeschool budget. Click APPLY NOW below to start the application process today!


Who should apply?
Parents with at least five years of homeschool experience.
Parents who have personally used AOP curriculum for at least three years.
Parents who are outgoing, friendly, professional, and willing to travel.
Parents who possess effective verbal communication skills.
Parents who display a passion for homeschooling with AOP curriculum.


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Comments(6 comments)

BENJAMIN P 03/05/2010 07:39:39

I would like more information. Jill

TAMMY F 03/06/2010 15:07:42

My heart lit up when I started reading this post! Then it sank when I found out I'm 2 years too short on experience. Oh well, hopefully in 2 years the opportunity will still be around. Bummer. If you ever shorten the experience level please let me know:)!

GLADYS A 11/10/2011 05:40:08

Gladys A

It would be great if this were combined experience. Some of us were licensed educators prior to homeschooling our own children???

ANGELA L 11/10/2011 08:24:46

I am so thankful that my Pastor helped me get set up to homeschool my 3 children, it has been a difficult but extremely exciting adventure. I am very interrested in learning more about this position and even apply. I would love to be able to have anoher income and not have to take away from my homeschooling which has became one of my first priorities.

S. DAWN C 11/10/2011 08:30:20

Cool! In three years, I'm sure this will be available again. That's when I've been homeschooling long enough (according to the specs up there). Looking forward to that. Homeschooling three kids-two special needs-is a hard process and I bet there are lots of people out there that could use help!

MICHELLE K 11/10/2011 08:48:09

This is an exciting opportunity! With 13 years of homeschooling, and 6 or 7 AOP, experience I qualify. :-)

I'm curious how much travel is required, and what expenses are covered. I'll certainly be checking into this!

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