Worldschooling with the Wingin’ It Family

In our recent blog about fascinating subgroups in homeschooling, we barely touched the surface of the fabulous lives of worldschoolers. Taking their homeschooling on the road full time, worldschoolers say goodbye to a consistent mailing address and a garage to stash the Christmas decorations in order to fill their passports with exciting stamps from around the world.

In a recent Facebook live interview, we had the pleasure of hearing from The Wingin’ It Family, a family of four that sold everything to travel the world. Carrie Myers, the mom in this adventurous family, shared about the very real challenge of each family member living out of one suitcase and one backpack.

Although it’s a challenge, Carrie shared many stories about how her family has been able to connect with ministries around the world and experience things beyond one’s imagination.

With Worldschooling, the world is truly your classroom, and Carrie proved this adage was especially true in their family. The kids, Cody and Samantha, get immersed into the culture of each place they go, practicing the language and learning to participate in cultural activities. For their everyday schoolwork, the Wingin’ It Family uses Monarch online curriculum, so they can easily transport their school work without lugging around heavy textbooks or messy paperwork.

While the Wingin’ It Family doesn’t know exactly for how long they’ll live this life on the go, they are finding themselves inspired by the vastness of the world and the wonder of exploration. In fact, they already extended their original timeline. Who knows where the journey will take them next!

Is the fulltime travel life one that your family would consider? Watch the full interview with Carrie from the Wingin’ It Family on AOP’s Facebook page!

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