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Whether you're an established Christian school or just getting started, we're proud to provide you with many outstanding Christian curriculum choices, Christian resources, and service support options!

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For over 35 years, we've been working hard to provide Christian schools with trusted and proven curricula options for grades PreK-12. Founded by teachers and educators, we share in the desire to teach strong Christian values while promoting academic excellence. Our innovative, award-winning curriculum options include Ignitia™, Switched-On Schoolhouse®, LIFEPAC®, and Horizons.

We invite you to come browse our website for curriculum information, free resources, events, and more! Our purpose at Alpha Omega Publications is to make your Christian school a success. We're here to provide you with the curriculum solutions you need to accomplish your goals. We look forward to serving you, and invite you to contact us if you have any questions.

Alpha Omega Publications Christian School Offerings

Alpha Omega Publications offers Christian schools the following Christian curriculum options.

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Reignite the passion of learning with the newest learning management system from Alpha Omega Publications. Built exclusively for Christian schools, this comprehensive curriculum for students in grades 3 through 12 includes lessons in five core subject areas: Bible, language arts, math, science, and history and geography, with a diverse list of electives also available. Ignitia courses are not only rigorous and interactive, but provide instruction based on a Christian worldview, encouraging students to consider challenging questions from a biblical perspective.

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A comprehensive, Christian curriculum that offers computer-based learning for grades 3-12 with animation, video clips, and fascinating multimedia.


A Christian curriculum for grades K-12 designed by a team of accomplished educators. LIFEPAC is based on the principle of mastery learning.


Horizons is a brightly illustrated, engaging workbook curriculum filled with consumable lessons and hands-on activities that uses a spiral learning method to help students master core concepts.

Alpha Omega Academy


Expand your school's course offerings quickly and easily with the Alliance Program through Alpha Omega Publications' online academy. AOA Alliance allows students to be enrolled at your Christian school while simultaneously taking courses through our fully accredited Alpha Omega Academy, which offers flexible enrollment to fit the needs of your students and school.

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Start a Christian School with Alpha Omega Publications!

If you've heard the Lord's call to provide Christian education in your community, Alpha Omega Publications can help you open your Christian school's doors!

Whether you're looking to start a school from scratch, add more options, or choose a quality, Christ-centered curriculum, AOP has turn-key options that can provide you with a ready-made educational solution specifically for your Christian school.

To partner with Alpha Omega Publications, review the options below to see what best fits your school and contact one of our education specialists at 877-688-2652 today!

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    Option 1 - The Alliance Program through Alpha Omega Academy

    Solution for Christian schools with limited or no teacher assistance.

    All you need to provide are students, a learning facility, and qualified on-site adult supervision. Meanwhile, our fully accredited distance learning school provides both the curriculum and the distance learning teacher support you need for grades 3-12.

    Your students will be enrolled simultaneously at your school and at Alpha Omega Academy, receiving guidance counseling, administrative assistance, and computer-based, Bible-centered curriculum. Upon graduation, students receive an official high school diploma from Alpha Omega Academy.

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    Option 2 – Your Teachers + AOP Curriculum + The Alliance Program through Alpha Omega Academy

    Solution for Christian schools needing assistance to teach certain grade levels or subjects.

    Purchase print or computer-based Christian curriculum for the grades and subjects your staff can teach. Then, you can enroll students through Alpha Omega Academy to get distance learning support for the students or subjects that require additional staff. Students receive guidance counseling, administrative assistance, and a computer-based, Bible-centered curriculum with subjects and electives.

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    Option 3 – Your Teachers + AOP Curriculum

    Solution for Christian schools in need of flexible, Christian curriculum from preschool through 12th grade.

    Purchase print or computer-based Christian curriculum for all grades and subjects desired. No matter what format of curriculum you choose, AOP can help you provide the best educational fit for your community. Your school also provides the students, a facility, qualified adult supervision, and the teachers.

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Dual Credit College Courses through Alpha Omega Academy

Help students at your Christian school get a head start on college! Through Alpha Omega Academy's fully accredited dual enrollment program, your students can earn high school and college credit simultaneously.

Students who register for dual credit courses are enrolled both at your Christian school and the University of Northwestern – St. Paul. Students work directly with professors from the college to complete online courses. As a result, students who choose to participate in the dual credit program are held to the same academic standards as students at the university.

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