LIFEPAC® 1st Grade History & Geography Unit 1 Worktext

Product Id - HIS0101 ISBN: 9780867175011

LIFEPACĀ® 1st Grade History & Geography Unit 1 Worktext


Does your first grader know that he is special and that God made him? Does he understand good manners and how to practice them? Do you want to teach him about these important issues—but want to use a fun, age-appropriate worktext he'll understand? Alpha Omega Publications has just what you need—the LIFEPAC 1st Grade History & Geography Unit 1 Worktext! This full-color, step-by-step worktext includes fun drawing activities, along with bright, engaging pictures which illustrate lesson content. This first, in a series of ten, first grade history and geography worktexts will help explain to your student why and how he is special in addition to basic Christian beliefs. Diverse topics in this Alpha Omega curriculum include God made you, you are God's child, family, and self, and manners at home, school, and church!

But that's not all! The LIFEPAC 1st Grade History & Geography Unit 1 Worktext has diverse, colorful lessons that include answering circle-the-answer questions, coloring pictures of families and self, and completing simple writing activities. And unlike other huge history textbooks, this easy-to-follow worktext will motivate your child to complete consumable lessons with its smaller size! You child will love the sense of accomplishment he'll feel as he finishes this homeschool worktext in three to four weeks! Best of all, this self-paced LIFEPAC worktext uses mastery learning techniques, self tests, and one removable teacher-administered unit test to reinforce concepts and solidify comprehension. As you can see, everything you need to teach history is right here. So, why are you waiting? Just order the LIFEPAC 1st Grade History & Geography Unit 1 Worktext to start teaching history today!