LIFEPAC® 8th Grade History & Geography Set

Product Id - HIS0815 ISBN: 9780740300400

LIFEPAC 8th Grade History & Geography Set


Wouldn't you like your child to learn history from a biblical perspective? Reinforcing a biblical worldview, the LIFEPAC 8th Grade History & Geography homeschool curriculum integrates a biblical perspective into instruction in six major content strands. These strands, which are covered at most grade levels, include geography, history, government, citizenship, economics, and social studies. LIFEPAC 8th Grade History & Geography presents lessons in ten colorful worktexts. Your homeschooling child will study the complete history of our country beginning with a look at the exploration of the New World, conflict with Britain, the Revolutionary War, and the birth of the United States. Covered topics include Washington's presidency, Jeffersonian democracy, the War of 1812, the Industrial Revolution, the Civil War, the Wild West, the World Wars, and much more.

Student worktexts in this Alpha Omega curriculum include daily instruction and review as well as ample opportunity for assessment of student performance using self tests and unit tests. To encourage individualized instruction, we also have included a teacher's guide designed to help you guide your student's learning experience according to his specific interests and needs. This essential teaching resource includes teaching notes for each unit, a complete answer key, additional resources, and fun learning activities. Order the LIFEPAC 8th Grade History & Geography Set for your child today!