LIFEPAC® Chemistry Set

Product Id - SCI1115 ISBN: 9781580957809

LIFEPACĀ® Chemistry Set


Are you getting worried about teaching chemistry to your high school student? Think you can't do it? Think again! The LIFEPAC Chemistry curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications was designed with homeschool parents in mind! The LIFEPAC Chemistry Set is an in-depth study of chemistry, and was created to be studied independently. Ten engaging worktexts teach chemistry concepts in terms that students can understand! Daily review questions in this Alpha Omega curriculum help to reinforce concepts and regular evaluation through quizzes and tests proves student progress. Full-color, step-by-step worktexts encourage academic independence and work to develop critical thinking skills in your child. Your homeschooling student will study concepts such as observation and hypothesizing, compounds and mixtures, gas laws, the kinetic theory, nuclear reactions, chemical reactions, solutions, hydrocarbons, and more!
Sound a bit overwhelming to teach? Don't worry! We've created an essential teacher's guide which consists of general teaching resources, detailed teaching notes, complete answer keys (including solutions), alternate tests, and a complete list of required science equipments. What's more, additional resources, activities, and experiments are included to make personalized instruction easy! Student worktexts include daily instruction, review questions, experiments, self tests, and consistent reviews. Teaching chemistry has never been easier, so order the LIFEPAC Chemistry Set today and try it for yourself.