LIFEPAC® Pre-Calculus Set

Product Id - MAT1215 ISBN: 9780740338625

LIFEPACĀ® Pre-Calculus Set


Is your child looking to advance his math skills for college? Looking for the perfect curriculum for him and for you? Try the LIFEPAC Pre-Calculus Set from Alpha Omega Publications! This comprehensive advanced math course focuses on instruction in trigonometry, pre-calculus, and special functions. In this step-by-step, mastery-based program, your student will focus on mastery of a single skill, and move on to learn new concepts, laying a foundation for college math and beyond. In the LIFEPAC Pre-Calculus Set, your student will study advanced math concepts such as linear, second-degree, and polynomial functions, trigonometric tables, special angles, amplitude and period, sum and difference formulas, trigonometric functions, laws of sine and cosine, polar coordinates, transformations, parabola and hyperbola, and much more.

But additional features make this popular Alpha Omega curriculum even more desirable for homeschool parents and students alike! In the LIFEPAC Pre-Calculus Set, student worktexts include detailed math instruction and review, as well as plenty of opportunity for assessment of student progress. In order to encourage individualized instruction, we have included a teacher's guide designed to help you guide your student's learning according to his specific interests and needs. The teacher's guide includes detailed teaching notes and a complete answer key which includes solutions for math-challenged parents! Sound good? Don't wait! Order the LIFEPAC Pre-Calculus Set for your student today!