Monarch Business Computer Information Systems

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Monarch Business Computer Information Systems


Formal training in computer networking and operating systems with Monarch Business Computer Information Systems will give your aspiring computer tech a step up in the field. This online Monarch homeschool elective for grades 9-12 also has exciting, interactive lessons that teach word processing, spreadsheets,  databases, telecommunications, desktop publishing, and presentation technology. With access to numerous multimedia elements, this Alpha Omega curriculum uses vivid graphics, videos clips, audio files, animation, and learning games to rev up the lessons and clarify concepts. No installation is required for this online curriculum. Within seconds, your homeschooler can be enjoying the excitement of an online education anytime, anyplace on either Windows® or Macintosh® systems. Imagine no more waiting and no more shipping costs.


Monarch Business Computer Information Systems also offers Alpha Omega curriculum features for both homeschoolers and parents. For homeschoolers, the automatic grading tool gives them instant feedback on lesson scores. Parents save time and stress because approximately 85% of their homeschooler's work is graded by the program. Assignment screens show both homeschoolers and parents due dates and grades. Parents also benefit from time-saving multimedia tools such as automatic content updates and secure data storage that keeps their child's academic records for life. The school calendar makes assigning or removing school days easy and enhanced security features reduce opportunities for homeschoolers to cheat on tests and quizzes. Order Monarch Business Computer Information Systems from Alpha Omega Publications today and enjoy the best in online education.

System Requirements

In addition to a reliable High Speed Internet Connection and a recent version of Adobe Flash Player, you must have one of the following browsers:

Supported Browsers

  • Google Chrome (current version)
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 11 & 10)
  • Mozilla Firefox (current version)
  • Apple Safari (version 9)

Best Effort Browsers

Apple Safari (version 8)