Monarch The Civil War

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Monarch The Civil War


Monarch The Civil War makes one of the most pivotal events in American history spark with interactive lessons. Monarch The Civil War for grades 9-12 uses fun, online tools to bring the past to life. With access to numerous multimedia elements, this Monarch homeschool elective uses video clips, audio files, learning games, and interactive troop maps to enhance learning. This one-semester Alpha Omega curriculum takes an in-depth look at the contention between North and South, the Battle of Gettysburg, the Emancipation Proclamation, Reconstruction, and the war's lasting impact on the United States. Don't hesitate. Immerse your homeschooler in Monarch The Civil War anytime, anywhere. The computer-based course is fully compatible with Windows® or Macintosh® systems. Now learning can take place at home, on vacation, or anywhere an Internet connection is available.

This biblically-based Alpha Omega curriculum requires no installation. Within seconds, your homeschooler can be enjoying the excitement of an online education. Imagine no more waiting, no more shipping costs, and imagine less paperwork and planning. Monarch The Civil War eliminates endless hours of work with time-saving features that reduce stress. Automatic grading and lesson planning lets you spend more time teaching your teenager. Approximately 85% of a homeschooler's work is graded by the program. Monarch homeschool lessons are automatically saved, so there is no need to create backup files. Enjoy the ease of an online education today by ordering Monarch The Civil War from Alpha Omega Publications.


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