Heidi St. John

Author and Speaker

Heidi has inspired thousands of parents through her blog, Facebook page, books and podcast. Her online Bible study encourages homeschooling parents not to run and hide their children from the culture, but to equip their family to engage the culture for Christ.

For more spiritual encouragement and resources visit momstronginternational.com.

Heidi St. John

Watch Heidi's Homeschool Insights Videos

Education Is Never Neutral

Heidi shares her family’s journey of discovering the spiritual importance of homeschooling.

Get Off the Bench!

If you’re a Christian concerned about things you see in the culture today, this battle cry is for you.

The Most Important Thing

Homeschool parents have the unique gift of pursuing education with a focus on the heart of your child.

Like No Other Educational System

Heidi reflects on the best part of homeschooling her children and the gift all homeschooling parents receive.

Children Are Arrows

In Psalm 127:4, the Bible says that children are “like arrows in the hands of a warrior.” Heidi explains this verse with a call to Christian parents.

Find Your Homeschool Vision

What brought you to homeschooling? Heidi explains a shift that’s occurred in the most common motivation for homeschooling and the crisis it has brought with it.

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