Start Your Child’s Education
on the Right Foot

As a mom, you've been teaching your child since day 1, so you're naturally the right person for starting his formal education. At home, with award-winning Horizons curriculum and your unconditional love and attention, you can create the perfect setting to advance his development — socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Horizons Preschool for Three's

Horizons Preschool for Three’s

Prepare your three-year-old for preschool with a program precisely designed to address cognitive development, pre-reading and numeracy skills, language acquisition, and school readiness.

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Horizons Preschool

Equip your four-year-old to enter kindergarten with engaging, Bible-based lessons in social studies, language arts, math, and science. Lesson objectives and themes are reinforced through arts and crafts, music, story times, outdoor excursions, and other exciting learning activities.

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Horizons Preschool

Create Fun-Filled Learning

Packed with bright illustrations, consumable lessons, and hands-on activities, the Horizons preschool programs use a spiral learning method to help your youngster master concepts through the process of introduction, review, and reinforcement.

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