Darren Jones

HSLDA Attorney

A homeschool dad himself, Darren works as a litigation attorney with the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). He specializes in helping homeschool support groups and defending homeschool families in court.

For more information, visit hslda.org.

Darren Jones

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Knowing Homeschool Laws

Before you start homeschooling, these are the legal questions you need to ask.

Homeschooling Dads

Statistically, moms are the main homeschooling parent, but things are changing! Here’s what dads can do.

Hey Dads, This One’s for You.

Dad, if you’re looking to be more involved with homeschooling, here’s where you can start.

Homeschooling: Like Nothing Else

From his experience with HSLDA, Darren shares what makes homeschooling a one-of-a-kind educational experience.

Should You Join a Homeschool Group?

Being part of a community should be nonnegotiable! Learn just a few of the benefits of joining a local or virtual homeschool group.

Don't Homeschool Alone

Homeschooling shouldn’t be a lonely career. The alternative is enriching and encouraging for students and parents alike! Here’s how you can homeschool in community.

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