AOP STEM Curriculum
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Intro to AOP STEM
AOP offers STEM courses to help children develop skills for one of the fastest growing career fields. Help your child continue to grow in their passion for STEM through AOP print, online, and teacher-supported academy courses. Prepare your learner for success in life and their potential careers with our parent-supported, Monarch online and LIFEPAC print STEM courses for middle and high school students.
Robotics & Coding
If you want your child to learn how to code at home, getting started is easy with Monarch. Experience guided coding courses in immersive 3D worlds with Robotify.
STEM Skill Development & Career Exploration
STEM electives offer students a chance to explore the different areas of STEM and get hands-on experience through education, research and projects.
Student Engagement Opportunities
Ignite Christian Academy helps students build friendships through interests with online classes, student clubs, monthly engagement opportunities and more. With ICA, your child isn’t socially isolated. In fact, your child can thrive as a social butterfly building connections around the world with ICA’s online school. 
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