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Help Your Student Excel In STEM
Exploring God’s creation through science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) focuses on career preparation at any age by helping connect students’ education to real life applications with a Christ-centered approach. Skills emphasized in curriculum focus on media and technology literacy, productivity, social skills, communication, flexibility and initiative. Help your child explore the wonders of STEM through AOP courses, resources and free downloads and trials.
Learn At-Home
We make education fun and engaging via print, online and academy options that fit your lifestyle and learning needs while also keeping Christ at the center of curriculum. Choose between spiral and mastery learning based on your student’s learning style. All courses are self-paced by the student. Access accredited courses with teacher support by joining Ignite Christian Academy for one or more courses with rolling enrollment. 
Supplemental Learning
Individual attention and reinforcement through supplemental learning enables students with varying learning styles to succeed through fun activities designed to tackle insecurities and build confidence through practice. AOP print, online and academy courses are available to supplement your student’s learning in any subject so they can reach their highest potential. Access 24/7 teacher and tutor support through Ignite Christian Academy for students in grades 5-12.
How can AOP help your student?

Help Increase Interest & Motivation

Catch Up & Reinforce Concepts

Provide An Increased Challenge

“STEM is a rapidly growing career field that has a multitude of benefits: the opportunity to use your creativity and work with some really cool instruments, the ability to contribute to the advancement of society, the reward of solving tough problems, and the chance to discover the world around you!”
Adree Steventon |  Ignite Christian Academy School Counselor
Empower Your Student To Learn Coding
Robotify offers students in grades 3-8 the opportunity to realize their original ideas by developing their capacity for critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. This innovative program offers a best-in-class, 3D browser-based robotics simulator to engage students in learning to code in Blockly and Python.
Catch Up & Reinforce Concepts
Supplemental learning with courses from AOP are a great way to help your child catch up and reinforce essential concepts necessary as foundations for STEM learning. Have fun learning with your student while revisiting and mastering the basics through brightly illustrated print and online curriculum designed with play in mind.
Which Approach Is Right for Your Student?

Little Learners

Horizons & LIFEPAC courses for PreK-2nd grade provide eye-catching lessons for young learners while providing them with a solid academic foundation. Choose between spiral learning with Horizons and mastery learning with LIFEPAC.

Horizons PreK-2 



Elementary, Middle & High School

Choose between student-led and parent-supported Monarch online and LIFEPAC print or fully accredited student-led and teacher-supported Ignite Christian Academy online to help your student when applying to colleges or universities.

LIFEPAC Print 3-12 

Monarch 3-12 

Academy PreK-12 



Increase elements of play and fun in your at-home learning with STEM resources from AOP. Get creative in the kitchen with cooking or turn an empty space into a science lab with a microscope and science lab kits. Help science come alive for your student.

Model 3000F Microscope 

The Science Chef 

Science Lab Kits 

Grades PreK-12
Brightly illustrated workbooks focused on the spiral learning process of introduction, review, and reinforcement.
Grades K-12
Self-directed worktext homeschool curriculum where students master concepts before progressing in grades K-12.
Grades 3-12
Online Christian homeschool curriculum for grades 3-12 that offers individuals and families subscription plans to fit their needs.
Grades 3-8
Offer your student the opportunity to realize their original ideas through this innovative program offering a best-in-class, 3D browser-based robotics simulator to engage students in learning to code.
Grades PreK-12
Ignite Christian Academy
Fully accredited online PreK-12 academy with the support of Christian teachers, tutors and advisors helping students grow both in academics and their walk with Christ.
inspire wonder
Help Increase Your Student’s Interest In STEM
Preparing your child for learning STEM can be intimidating if you are not personally familiar with STEM. We’re here to help you homeschool with confidence using these tips and tricks.
Create a learning environment that encourages exploration and discovery while having fun.
Get involved with online and/or local STEM clubs.
Explore the many competitions your child can participate in with a simple online search.
Free Printables for Little Learners
Practice Math and Science with brightly illustrated worktexts that make learning fun!
Free Activity for Any Age
Unlock the mystery of plant growth for your child with this free lesson on the plant cycle.