Monarch Secondary French

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Monarch Secondary French


Discover the French language with Monarch Secondary French. For grades 7-12, this interactive computer-based course teaches intermediate French lessons in an exciting, motivating format. Fun video clips, animation, and learning games are some of the many multimedia elements this program uses to enhance learning. If you are worried that you can't teach a foreign language, then order this French curriculum today. Fun, adventure-themed lessons will turn your homeschooler into a secret agent that accomplishes missions by learning how to read, write, and speak French. Online Monarch homeschool lessons teach reading and listening comprehension, vocabulary, pronunciation, parts of speech, and sentence patterns. To ensure student comprehension, this 12-unit Alpha Omega curriculum has audio recordings by actual French speakers. Added resources are songs, puzzles, and exercises. No extra materials are required.

Plus, this Bible-based Monarch homeschool elective has time-saving features. Approximately 85% of a homeschooler's work is graded by the program. Enhanced security features reduce opportunities for homeschoolers to cheat on tests and quizzes. Lessons are automatically saved, so there is no need to create backup files, and assignment screens show due dates, subject reviews, and grades. The bottom line is less paperwork and more time with your child. So don't wait. Immerse your homeschooler in Monarch Secondary French. This online Alpha Omega curriculum requires no installation, and it is fully compatible with Windows® or Macintosh® systems. Imagine no more waiting and no more shipping costs. Within seconds, your homeschooler can be enjoying the excitement of an online education anytime and anywhere an Internet connection is available. Order Monarch Secondary French today, and give your homeschooler an award-winning curriculum.


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