Switched-On Schoolhouse Placement Tests

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Switched-On Schoolhouse Placement Tests


Take the guesswork out of placing your child into the award-winning Switched-On Schoolhouse (SOS) curriculum with the Switched-On Schoolhouse Placement Tests from Alpha Omega Publications. Whether your child is changing curriculums or homeschooling for the very first time, this helpful resource contains easy-to-use tests that will accurately place him into the appropriate SOS grade level. Just imagine, no more wasted time or expense teaching Bible, Language Arts, History & Geography, Math, and Science courses that are either too easy or too hard for your child's abilities. What's more, you'll eliminate learning gaps and keep your child's education with Alpha Omega curriculum on track as you prepare homeschooling lesson plans that teach to his learning edge. What could be better?

So how do the Switched-On Schoolhouse Placement Tests work? Simply insert the single CD-ROM into your computer and follow the prompts on the screen. (A convenient instruction booklet with step-by-step directions is also included with the CD-ROM). Once the SOS program is uploaded, follow the directions for installing the placement tests and adding students. When complete, your child will follow instructions to begin diagnostic testing at the 300 level (3rd grade) and will continue taking quizzes and tests until he finds the questions too difficult to complete. After gathering the test data results, you'll quickly be able to determine your child's composite scores and his correct SOS grade level for each subject. How easy is that? Give your child the customized homeschool education he deserves. Order the Switched-On Schoolhouse Placement Tests today!

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