Typing Instructor Platinum (Windows)

Product Id - ER2001

Typing Instructor Platinum


Make learning to type easy and fun for your homeschooler with Typing Instructor Platinum from Alpha Omega Publications! The #1 best-selling typing program, Typing Instructor uses the latest technology to educate, entertain, and motivate. Teaching keyboarding skills and raising words per minute, this CD-ROM challenges beginner and advanced typists alike with interactive themes, over 20 personalized typing plans, and exciting adventure games like "Typing with Sharks," "Diamond Glider," "Wild West," and "Treasures of the Sunken City." Boosting speed and accuracy, this proven educational program includes lessons in both English and Spanish and is only compatible with Windows® operating systems.

Typing Instructor Platinum also has a 3-D guide to teach correct finger positions. Plus, this software includes assessment tests and quizzes to fit your homeschooler's needs, as well as graphs and charts to easily monitor your child's progress. In addition, printable reports and transcripts grade proficiency on each finger, row, and hand. Give your homeschooler a love for typing and get the affordable Typing Instructor Platinum software program today!