Live Butterfly Garden®

Product Id - GE9285

Live Butterfly GardenĀ®


The perfect hands-on supplement to your homeschool science curriculum, the best-selling Live Butterfly Garden kit from Alpha Omega Publications provides hours of scientific educational enjoyment for the entire family. As your child watches caterpillars turn into butterflies right before his very eyes, he'll learn the complete process of the Painted Lady butterfly's metamorphosis. So how does it work? Easy. First your child mails in the attached certificate to receive his larvae via first class mail. (A $5.00 fee is required by the vendor to process the mail-in certificate.) Next, he'll follow the step-by-step directions to watch the caterpillars grow ten times their original size and shed their skins to form chrysalides. Lastly, your child will place the chrysalides into the garden habitat and wait for the adult butterflies to emerge in just seven to ten days. Throughout the entire process, your child will keep a butterfly growth journal and learn amazing facts about the Painted Lady butterfly, such as she may travel 1,000 miles in her lifetime, she has 10,000 eyes, she can lay up to 500 eggs, she tastes with her feet, and more! What could be more exciting to a young scientist?

But that's not all! Once the Painted Lady butterflies have hatched, your child will have several days to learn how and what butterflies eat. And since Painted Lady butterflies live throughout North America, you can safely release them back into the environment anywhere. So why are you waiting? Take your science class from ordinary to extraordinary! Order the Live Butterfly Garden kit today!