LIFEPAC® 8th Grade Science Experiments

Product Id - SD0801

LIFEPACĀ® 8th Grade Science Experiments


Does your child enjoy science? Does your child love learning with science experiments? If so, this DVD is a "must have" when you are ordering LIFEPAC 8th Grade Science! Students benefit from the added support this DVD adds to the curriculum. Safe and economical, experiments are led by Stanley the Scientist as he takes student's through the LIFEPAC experiments and science projects from beginning to end. Concepts covered in this Alpha Omega curriculum DVD resource include magnetism, static electricity, and chemical and physical changes. LIFEPAC Science is a comprehensive, homeschool curriculum intended for the study of the physical universe that God created. This homeschool program targets observation skills by delivering assignments and experiments through the structured and organized framework of the LIFEPAC curriculum. LIFEPAC Science addresses Life Science, Earth and Space Sciences, and the Nature of Science. Throughout each grade level, experiments and demonstrations are included to help student's visualize abstract concepts. The experiments become more complex as student's progress grade levels. This educational science DVD is an ideal, non-messy way to teaching your 8th grader about scientific experiments. They will be delighted by the things they see, and this DVD is a wonderful complement to LIFEPAC 8th Grade Science. So don't delay, order 8th Grade Science Experiments on DVD from Alpha Omega Publications today!


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