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New Ignitia Teacher Dashboard and Status Page

Committed to offering your Christian school the best in online education, Alpha Omega Publications is excited to introduce the latest updates to Ignitia online curriculum!

New Ignitia Teacher Dashboard
Simplifying how teachers can monitor student progress, Ignitia’s new teacher dashboard addresses a key customer need by presenting concrete data around student performance without running a report. At no additional cost, teachers now have a simple, yet dynamic way to quickly identify which students are at-risk and intervene to get them back on track!

The intuitive new dashboard provides the following:

• Visual reports of student progress for individuals, as well as a comprehensive view of all students assigned to the teacher

• The ability for a teacher to quickly identify which students are at-risk

• User-friendly exports of reports for teachers to share with students, parents, and administrators

• One-click access to the Ignitia gradebook for additional information

View New Dashboard Overview (PDF)

New Status Page
We take pride in Ignitia being a reliable learning management system for our Christian schools, and now you can easily get the most up-to-date information on Ignitia's status. In the event that you are unable to log in to Ignitia or sense that it isn't running as quickly as usual, now you may go to this new status page immediately to check if there is any information regarding its performance.

Though issues arise only in very rare cases, the technological nature of a learning management system like Ignitia means it can behave unexpectedly at times. By checking this page, you can learn of any known problems that are being worked on nearly immediately. We recommend bookmarking this new page, where you can also subscribe to email updates.

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