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Curriculum for Every Type of Learner, Teacher, and School

Because of our belief that every student is uniquely created by God, we acknowledge every student learns differently. That's why AOP designs various lesson formats, so your school can match lessons to the way your students learn best.

Biblical Foundation

Because the Earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, AOP integrates a Christian worldview into every subject we create, giving students a clear view of the interconnectedness of God’s creation.

Crafted and Maintained by Teachers and Educators

Founded by teachers and educators, we share in the desire to teach strong Christian values while promoting academic excellence. Our innovative, award-winning curriculum options include Ignitia, Switched-On Schoolhouse, LIFEPAC, and Horizons.

Online Curriculum

Created exclusively for Christian schools, Ignitia is a versatile and multifunctional online learning platform, with streamlined efficiencies and interactive features that enrich the educational experience for Christian teachers and students in elementary, middle, and high school.

State of the Art

AOP is proud of our reputation as the innovative, technology leader in Christian education.

Anywhere, Anytime

24 hour online accessibility provides a practical solution for students who are unable to attend school in a traditional classroom.


With features like automatic grading and lesson planning, you simply can't beat the value of an Ignitia education!

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Engage your students with Ignitia, a multimedia-rich, online curriculum for grades 3-12 that features time-saving administrative tools like automatic grading and lesson planning.


Print Curriculum

Choose from LIFEPAC’s worktext curriculum for grades K-12 and Horizons, a colorful curriculum with math, select language arts, and preschool programs.

Crafted by Teachers and Educators

Founded by teachers and educators, we share in the desire to teach strong Christian values while promoting academic excellence.

Proven History

AOP has revolutionized Christian education while offering quality curriculum, educational materials, and academic support services.


Unlike heavy textbooks, LIFEPAC's lightweight worktexts can easily accompany students on field trips and nearly any other situation.


Horizons introduces students to new concepts through hands-on activities and engaging lessons that are easy to teach and fun to learn. Periodic reviews quickly move children as young as three from basic skills to complicated academic concepts.



LIFEPAC’s tried-and-true worktexts divide a full year of curriculum into 10 small booklets. The flexible lessons feature a student-friendly design that helps children in grades K-12 master academic concepts at their own pace.


Expand Your Course Offerings

With AOA Alliance, students can simultaneously take courses at your school and our accredited Alpha Omega Academy.

Full Accreditation

AOA has earned the highest educational standards for excellence, which help your students’ credits and diploma be recognized by colleges and universities.

Qualified Teachers

AOA faculty offers proven teaching excellence and one-on-one instruction. All teachers at AOA have a degree or certification in the fields they teach.

Wide Variety of Classes

Students can choose from nearly 200 courses, including over 75 high school electives that create depth and offer variety to general subjects.

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