SOS 4th Grade Bible

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SOS 4th Grade Bible


Does your child know how to live for God? Does he understand the importance of being a Christian? Now you can teach all the answers to these questions and more with Switched-On Schoolhouse 4th Grade Bible. Filled with solid biblical principles, this dynamic computer-based course will engage your child in learning about Jesus. Exciting multimedia like games and videos enhance learning and bring God's Word to life for young learners. And with diverse questions and quizzes, you can be sure your child remembers each Bible lesson. Plus, SOS 4th Grade Bible offers two Bible versions to choose from—either the King James Version or New American Standard Bible®.

Studying Bible verses has never been easier! With Switched-On Schoolhouses' text-to-speech feature, your child to have bible verses or the entire lesson read allowed. Students can also use the handy highlighting tool in this Alpha Omega curriculum which allows students to single out items to study for tests, quizzes, or memorization. In SOS 4th Grade Bible, your child covers salvation, prayer, seeking God, and more. Interesting biblical characters Saul, David, Daniel, Abraham, and others are included in this fascinating study of Christian discipleship. This course makes a great Bible study too. Give your child a great biblical foundation with Switched-On Schoolhouse 4th Grade Bible! Order today.

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