SOS 5th Grade Language Arts

Product Id - 15SOS500L

SOS 5th Grade Language Arts


Does your child understand the importance of words and clear communication? Now you can teach him with an exciting, interactive homeschool curriculum that is sure to capture his attention. What is it? It's Switched-On Schoolhouse 5th Grade Language Arts from Alpha Omega Publications. Filled with fun multimedia tools to encourage student learning, Switched-On Schoolhouse tools include learning games, video clips, and easy text-to-speech content. It's just what you've been waiting for! With this revolutionary, computer-based homeschool curriculum, you'll be able to give your child a complete, entertaining Christian education. What could be better?

But wait, you haven't heard the best part. Switched-On Schoolhouse 5th Grade Language Arts is packed with time-saving tools, printing options, and customizable lessons. Installation takes just a few clicks, and you don't need to be computer-savvy to use this must-have homeschool curriculum. Increase your student's knowledge of language, sentences, poetry, and writing with this colorful, dynamic course! Fun, practical projects such as writing a free verse prayer, preparing a report, and learning to take notes are included in this Alpha Omega curriculum. We invite you to try it for yourself. Order Switched-On Schoolhouse 5th Grade Language Arts today and see what a difference it will make for your homeschooling!

System Requirements

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Windows XP Service Pack 3 Windows 7,8, & 8.1

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher
  • 1 GHz or higher processor
  • 512 MB Memory (RAM)
  • Dual core processor
  • 4 GB Memory (RAM) (2GB for 32-bit)
  • 10 GB hard drive space
  • 4 GB Memory (RAM) (2GB for 32-bit)