SOS High School Health

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SOS High School Health


Do you want a health course geared toward your maturing high schooler? You've found it—Switched-On Schoolhouse High School Health for grades 8-12. This valuable, informative, one-semester course is filled with topics and themes just for high school students. Not just your typical health course, this in-depth Alpha Omega curriculum looks at relevant topics for today's youth, like tobacco and drug use, all taught from a Christian perspective. Colorful and fun-filled, this computer-based health course from Alpha Omega Publications has innovative multimedia-enriched lessons. Unlike other homeschool curriculums, SOS has exciting video clips, entertaining learning games, and cutting-edge animation built into every lesson. Now that's a truly dynamic learning environment!

But there's even more! Switched-On Schoolhouse offers you something no other homeschool curriculum can—automatic grading and lesson planning. Just think of all the time you'll save. You could actually spend more hands-on time with your child, instead of doing all that endless paperwork. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? And on top of that, weve included a built-in calendar so you never miss a holiday again, a customizable curriculum to adjust to your student's learning pace, and a helpful message center so you can always be in contact with your child. What could be better? This comprehensive health course includes Bible-based topics such as spiritual, social, emotional, and environmental well-being. Additional topics include personal health, first aid, nutrition, and responsible living. So why are you waiting? Try this complete, award-winning homeschool curriculum for yourself—just order Switched-On Schoolhouse High School Health today!

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