Doug Smith

Author and Speaker

After two decades of web programming experience, Doug was inspired to write a book to uncover the shocking truths that the technology industry doesn’t want you to know about screen time, especially for children. A homeschool dad, Doug has a passion for Biblical study and encourages families to live intentionally for the Kingdom of God.

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Doug Smith

Watch Doug's Homeschool Insights Videos

The Truth about Technology

From his decades of experience as a web programmer, Doug shares the scary truth behind some of the most popular technology aimed at kids and teens.

Creating a Counterculture

By crafting a family mission, you can give life to your homeschool even during the difficult times.

Be Present for Their Firsts

No other educational system can beat this.

The Best Time to Start

All the reasons this is the best time to start homeschooling.

Addictive Technology

It’s no accident that video games and mobile apps are highly addictive. The results of technology addiction are sobering.

Strategy for Online Learning

For families using an online curriculum, Doug shares practical steps for setting your child up for success and avoiding common technology pitfalls.

What Technology Is Okay?

Doug often focuses on teaching parents what they shouldn’t do when it comes to technology and their children, but is there any technology that is ok?

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